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Communicating with school


Talking to your child’s school can seem quite daunting. Whether you are preparing for a parent-teacher meeting, asking for an opportunity to speak to the teacher about a problem you’re concerned with or coping with a school exclusion there are ways of communicating with your child’s school that will help you get the result you’re hoping for.

In this section you’ll find advice on the best way to approach staff at school to deal with any issues that arise, like managing allergies and asking for term-time holiday time.


Unhappy child: school refusal
Coping with school refusal
What do you do if your child develops a phobia of going to school? We look at strategies for handling school refusal.
Term time holidays parents' guide
Holidays in term time: the parents’ guide
Once your child is at full-time school, cheap term-time holidays become a thing of the past. But who sets school term dates, and is taking your child out of school for a family break really a big no-no? TheSchoolRun explains.
Apple with 'A+' written on it
School reports decoded
It’s the end of term and that means one thing – school report time. But what exactly do those cryptic comments in your child’s report mean? Jessica Powell gets teachers to explain.
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