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Year 6 maths

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Support your child as they gain new maths skills, revise earlier topics and prepare for KS2 Maths SATs with hundreds of Year 6 maths worksheets.

You’ll find resources to help your child with all the core topics, including solving three-step problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, working with decimals, fractions and percentages, working with shapes and spaces, converting units of measurement and interpreting tables, bar charts and line graphs.

You can also browse our KS2 Maths SATs papers and follow our KS2 Maths SATs Learning Journey.


Year 6 maths: what your child learns
Your child might be becoming quite the whiz with numbers by now. Find out how their maths knowledge will be developed in year 6.
Girl doing homework
How to use a SATs past paper: KS2 maths
Help your child get to grips with their KS2 maths SATs test format by completing past papers at home. Our parent's guide offers guidance on how to administer the test, from the equipment your child needs to what examiners are looking for to award top marks.
Inverse operations: addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
What are inverse operations?
Inverse operations are opposite operations – one reverses the effect of the other. In primary maths we talk about the inverse to explain how addition and subtraction are linked and how multiplication and division are linked. Teacher Alice Hart offers examples of how and when your child will be asked to use the inverse operation in school, and practical ways to help them understand the concept.


Plotting points on the fourth quadrant tutorial
Plotting points on the fourth quadrant tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you an easy way to plot points on the fourth quadrant, then plot the points she gives you and see what shapes they make.
Ordering numbers to ten million tutorial
Ordering numbers to ten million tutorial
Can you order numbers to 10,000,000? Let our digital teacher show you an easy way to do it, then see if you can answer her on-screen questions.
Divide proper fractions by whole numbers tutorial
Divide proper fractions by whole numbers tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you a really simple way to divide a proper fractions by a whole number – then check you've got it by trying a few questions yourself.


Percentage problem worksheet
Percentage problem
A Year 6 maths worksheet created by a teacher to help your child practise percentage word problems at home.
Fractions problem worksheet
Fractions problem
Rendham Village have held their annual dance. By the end of the day, they have made £500. Can you help them work out how to split the money between their chosen charities?
Properties of prisms: parallel planes worksheet
Properties of prisms: parallel planes
A prism is a 3D shape with two identical ends and all flat sides. Its cross section is the same all along its length and always the same shape as its ends. The shape of the prism’s ends gives the prism its name (for example, the ends of a hexagonal prism are hexagons). Prisms have parallel planes, which means that they have faces that are parallel to each other (they always stay the same distance apart and will never meet).
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Year 6 maths booster

Year 6 Maths Booster pack

Make numbers part of everyday life with the Year 6 Maths Booster pack. One worksheet a day offers practice and revision, and the varied activities (spotting mystery shapes, solving puzzles and surveying family and friends to find out what the most popular Olympic sport is) will keep kids' brains active and engaged.

The Year 6 Maths Booster pack includes:

  •     Prime numbers
  •     Proportion, mode, range, median, mean
  •     Percentages
  •     Measurements and geometry
  •     Fractions
  •     Decimals
  •     Positive and negative numbers

Year 6 maths LJ

The Year 6 Maths Learning Journey programme

The Year 6 Maths Learning Journey programme comprises 40 worksheets. Work through these and your child will cover all the key topics in the curriculum for their school year.

By following the programme, which closely mirrors what your child is being taught in school, you’ll quickly be able to spot any topics that your child hasn't fully grasped and reinforce learning that is happening in the classroom at home. Your child will feel more confident in their own abilities and you’ll know you are giving your child the very best chance of succeeding in school.

Y 6 maths progress check

Year 6 Maths Progress checks

Want to support your child's maths learning at home? Our Y6 Maths Progress checks, prepared by a KS2 teacher, will help you identify any areas your child is finding tricky so you can revise them together.

Each term’s maths test consists of 20 questions and a total of 20 marks. The first 5 questions are mental maths questions (allow your child 10 seconds for each one) and the next 15 are written questions (allow your child as much time as they like to do these questions).

Y6 maths

A complete parents' guide to EVERYTHING your child will learn in Year 6 maths

The Parents' Guide to Year 6 Maths will very quickly help you understand what's been going on in your child's lessons all these years – and better equip you for helping your child to really grasp their maths and get ahead in Year 6.

You will get an overview of the exact kind of sums, calculations and operations children are expected to be able to perform with whole and decimal numbers, percentages and fractions – as well as how they are taught to do them. You will learn exactly what they are expected to know about – and do with – shapes and measurements and data handling and you will also discover important little insights such as why you should not tell your child to move the decimal point when multiplying or dividing with decimals.

This popular eBook includes 50 ideas for maths games to play with your child, as well as resource sheets which you can print again and again to help your child practise place value, column calculations, 2D and 3D shapes, Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams and more.

Everything you need to prepare your child for KS2 Maths SATs

You'll find lots of resources on TheSchoolRun to help your child prepare for their SATs test at the end of Year 6 including:

decimals made simple

Fantastic learning packs to support your child's Year 6 maths learning

Looking for support on one specific area of the Year 6 maths urriculum?  Browse through our range of learning packs and chances are you'll find just what your need. Our learning packs cover all aspects of a tricky subject, from information for parents to practical activities to help your child master it. Whether it's fractions or decimals your child needs practice in, everything you need is just a download away. For starters, why not check out: