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Mental Maths challenges

Mental Maths learning pack
For primary school students, mental maths is more than being able to work out sums in their head without writing anything down. It's an important skill that incorporates all of the maths concepts they learn, and that they'll be tested on throughout the primary-school years. Help your child gain confidence and accuracy in mental maths with tests targeted at their year group, plus a comprehensive guide for parents on what mental maths is all about.

When you hear the term 'mental maths', what do you think of? Adding up the cost of shopping before getting to the till? Doing quick sums to work out how long a journey will take? In primary school, mental maths is a key part of the curriculum that children will practise from Year 1. The ability to make quick mental calculations and solve story problems in a methodical, logical way is something you can easily practise with your child, and this pack gives you the tools to help them.

Inside, you'll find: 

  • A detailed guide about how mental maths is taught in primary school
  • A grid showing the mental maths skills your child will learn each year
  • A list of the top 10 everyday activities that help with mental maths, making learning both practical and fun!
  • A set of five mental maths tests for Years 1-6, which include: instructions on how to administer them, an answer sheet for your child, a question sheet for you to read from and answers for you to score the tests afterwards.


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