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Boy being treated for head lice

You never stop worrying about your child’s health – physical and mental – and you know that a healthy child is going to be better able to cope with the demands of school. 

Keep your child healthy 

In this section of the site you’ll find lots of advice and tips on keeping your child healthy and looking after sick children. 

From information and tips on healthy eating to getting a good night’s sleep, dealing with bedwetting, recognising eyesight problems, getting rid of nits, managing allergies at school, dealing with behaviour and social issues and much more, browse through this section to help you develop the qualities children need to be healthy and independent. 


Primary school health
6 primary-school health concerns parents need to look out for
The days of colic and cradle cap may be long gone, but your primary school child is now susceptible to a different range of health issues. From tummy bugs and nits to emotional health concerns, Lucy Dimbylow looks at what you need to know to keep them safe and well.
Parent tucking child into bed
Your bedwetting questions answered
Need help training your child out of having accidents? Read our expert answers to your pressing questions.
Child awake in bed
Growing pains explained
Aches and pain don’t just happen in your 80s – children can experience strong twinges and throbbings, which can even wake them up at night. Dr. David Shortland explains how to help your child through it.


Design a healthy living poster
Design a healthy living poster
An activity to help your child identify ways to lead a healthy life.
Planning a healthy diet
Planning a healthy diet
A simple but effective worksheet that will introduce your child to the idea of a balanced diet.
Planning healthy meals worksheet
Planning healthy meals
Encourage your child to plan three healthy meals and then to do the opposite and plan three unhealthy meals.
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Little girl blowing nose
Managing allergies at school

It’s easy to keep track of your child when they’re at home, but school is another matter. For parents of children with allergies, it can be a real worry – read our summary of the latest advice on how to manage your child’s condition:

shocked boy
Is your child's weight a concern?

We hear a lot these days about overweight children and parents being sent letters home from school informing them that their child is obese. But is this something you should really be concerned about, and what can you do about it if it is a problem? Here are some suggestions: