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Summer and holiday learning

Mother and children reading outdoors

School might be out, but there are still lots of opportunities for informal learning in the holidays.

In this section of the site, you’ll find advice, information and ideas to keep their minds active and avoid the ‘summer brain drain’!  With reading challenges, games for long car journeys, new hobbies to try out and great summer activities, who said summer learning couldn’t be fun?


Bucket and spade on the beach
10 things you must do during the summer holidays
Boring-but-essential or simply fun, Wendy Golledge has spoken to mums and teachers and rounded up the top things you must do with your kids before the end of the summer holidays.
Girl reading on the beach
6 reasons why summer learning is important
The school gates may have closed for the summer, but that’s no reason to allow your child’s mind to follow suit. We have six top tips for summer learning fun.
Boy playing board game
Stop summer brain drain
The holidays are stretching out before us, and whilst children gladly throw their schoolbags in a cupboard and declare themselves done with learning, you might not be quite so keen on the idea! Here are a few ideas to keep kids engaged and interested over the summer.


Write your own homonyms crossword puzzle
Write your own homonyms crossword puzzle
Homonyms are pairs of words that are spelled and pronounced the same way, but have different meanings. Look at these words. Can you work out the two different meanings?
If not, look them up in the dictionary. On the next page you’ll need to create TWO crossword puzzles where the homonyms are the answers. Each word will need two different clues, one for each meaning.
Even numbers wordsearch
Even numbers wordsearch
There are lots of even numbers hidden in this wordsearch – can you find them? One number is hidden twice – can you spot it?
Guess the number quick puzzles
Guess the number quick puzzles
Are you smart enough to work out this number puzzle? Challenge mum or dad and see if they can do it quicker than you.
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Summer booster packs

Our Summer booster packs are designed to consolidate learning, help your child revise key concepts and keep brains active over the summer. At-home maths and English practice doesn't have to be boring – wordsearches, number puzzles, speed challenges and word play will keep things interesting. Happy holidays!

TheSchoolRun summer booster packs are exclusive to our subscribers, or you can purchase each pack for £3.95 in TheSchoolRun Shop.



Summer brain-boosting challenges
Summer brain-boosting challenges

Our Summer brain-boosting challenges learning pack has been designed to excite interest in the world, enrich learning and stretch children's brains over the holidays. Educational activitist and former head-teacher John Senior has compiled a cornucopia of activities to try (no special equipment needed), so get started today! You could:

  • pile a travel-diary hoax
  • Be a geometrical gourmet
  • Make a weather station
  • Grow carrots in a Wellington boot
  • Walk to Anchorage, Alaska (without leaving home)
  • Produce tiny books
  • Invent local artists and artwork
  • ... and loads more! All the activities are linked to the national curriculum.

Reading, playing and learning: why summer fun can be very educational

Leisure time to get engrossed in a book (or a great book series), try a new hobby or master a new skill... the long summer holidays are anything but lazy. If you're looking for inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Summer learning
Summer Learning pack

In your Summer Learning pack you'll find educational activities for all ages (and not a textbook in sight!). Choose from:

  • Rainy day delights
  • Ways to get creative with day-to-day chores
  • Garden investigations
  • Tips to take the tedium out of travelling
  • Toy-free travel games
  • Free (or affordable) discovery days out
  • DIY local adventures

Turn off the TV, hide the games console, cancel the theme park visit and get started!