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Y6 English booster pack

Y6 English booster pack
Handwriting, spelling and punctuation – that's what your child will be practising with the Year 6 English booster pack, but there's no drilling involved when there are play scripts to be written (and performed?), arguments to be composed, biographies to write and newspaper articles to type up. Your child might actually ask to put pen to paper!
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6

Even avid readers can be reluctant to write anything more than a postcard when they're at home, so we've come up with a few engaging projects to keep them interested and offer some great writing/spelling/punctuation practice to complement homework. Arm yourself with a thesaurus and enjoy expanding the whole family's vocabulary!

The Year 6 English booster pack includes:

  • Formal and informal language
  • Complex sentences
  • Apostrophes
  • Argument text
  • Homophones
  • Suffixes and prefixes
  • Organising paragraphs
  • Metaphors
  • Using a thesaurus

You can also download a Year 6 booster pack for maths.

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