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Key Stage 2 SATs Learning Journey

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How to get started on the Key Stage 2 SATs Learning Journey

In order to cover all the learning objectives that your child is required to have mastered by the time they sit their Key Stage 2 SATs test (in the summer term of Year 6) either work through the worksheets below in order or pick those worksheets that cover topics where you know your child needs some extra help.

There's also a Key Stage 2 SATs Learning Journey Checklist, and for more information, we'd recommend you read Year 6 English: what your child learns and Year 6 Maths: what your child learns.

Don't forget! We have a whole section of the site about KS2 SATs where you'll find lots more information, including articles and SATs papers.

Don't forget to download the
KS2 SATs learning pack

KS2 SATs Guide

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