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Exams and revision

School blackboard saying exam

Is your child about to sit SATs or other school exams? Whether they are due to sit the 7+, the 11+ or Common Entrance, you’ll find great revision tips to get your child off to a confident start.

From creating a revision timetable, to finding a learning style that suits your child, and techniques for keeping nerves at bay on the big day, we’ve got lots of information for you to pass on to your child. Exams are a fact of life, and the more help you can give your child to establish good revision habits early on, the better they will fare with the really important exams they’ll sit in secondary school and beyond.


11+ testing
The beginner's guide to the 11+
Is your child due to take the 11+ exam at the beginning of Year 6? Find out more about grammar school selection exams, how they differ across the country and the literacy and numeracy topics children are tested on.
Girl studying
10 top tips for SATs revision
Revision for tests is never easy for your children, but fear not, positive parenting expert Sue Atkins shares her advice to parents who want to help their kids achieve their best.
Common entrance exams explained
What are Common Entrance exams?
Common Entrance exams are the route to an independent senior school education for many children. We explain what’s involved.
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SATs papers
Key Stage 1 SATS revision course
and Key Stage 2 SATS revision course

Be sure your child has covered all the learning objectives they are required to have mastered by the time they sit their Key Stage 1 or 2 SATs test (in the Summer term of Year 2 and Year 6 respectively). Work through the course of worksheets that cover all the core topics that could come up in the test to improve your child's chances of success and boost their confidence before SATs.

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Everything you need to prepare your child for SATs

You'll find lots of resources on TheSchoolRun to help your child prepare for their SATs including:




Verbal and non-verbal reasoning

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning: an introduction

If your child is in the last years of primary school you might be thinking about selection tests like the 11+ and how to prepare for them. To help you decide on your approach we've put together an introduction to verbal and non-verbal reasoning, with expert tips, advice and practice questions and answers for you and your child.

You can also find out more in our parents' guides:

SATs eBook

SATs: Practice Makes Perfect

Our hugely popular SATs eBook SATs: Practice Makes Perfect has been written especially for all parents whose children are due to sit their SATs. In plain, straightforward language it tells you everything you need to know to help your child prepare for their exams, covering both Key Stage 1 and 2.

Times Tables Funpack


Year 4 times tables test


From 2020, all Y4 children in England will have their multiplication skills formally tested in the summer term.

We explain the format of the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) and have some online mock MTC practice tests to boost your child's confidence.