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How to videos

Looking for a quick overview of everything TheSchoolRun has to offer?

Need to know how to register for free or become a paying subscriber?

Not sure how to download a worksheet, SATs paper or learning pack?

Our brief videos offer a step-by-step guide.

TheSchoolRun in 60(ish) seconds
TheSchoolRun for subscribers in 90(ish) seconds
How to register for free on TheSchoolRun
How to use your child's personalised learning plan
How to subscribe to TheSchoolRun
How to use TheSchoolRun's worksheet finder
How to use the Learning Journey
Welcome to TheSchoolRun
TheSchoolRun learning packs and workbooks
How to use TheSchoolRun's tutorials
Primary school tests and exams: resources on TheSchoolRun
What are SATs?
Preparing for KS2 SATs
How to use the Homework Gnome
How to use TheSchoolRun's glossary
Meet TheSchoolRun Personal Account Managers