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Year 5 Science

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In science, your Year 5 child will focus on three main areas in detail: life and living things, materials and their properties and physical processes.

You can support your child at home as they develop their skills of ‘scientific enquiry’ with hundreds of Year 5 science worksheets and experiments on core topics including humans and other animals, plants, thermal insulators and electrical conductors, rocks and soils, electricity and circuits, forces, light and sound, sound and vibration and pitch and volume.

Plus, for a complete course in Year 5 science, check out our fantastic Year 5 Science Learning Journey programme.


Boy looking at solar system model
Year 5 science: what your child learns
Your guide to what’s covered in the year 5 science curriculum.
Solar system planets
Learning about space in primary school
Find out what children learn about space and our solar system at primary school with our guide for parents, and get some ideas about how to support your child's astronomical learning at home.
What is a fair test?
What is a fair test?
Understand what is meant by 'fair test' in primary-school science and organise your own child-friendly investigations at home to help your child practise this concept.


Useful gases around us worksheet
Useful gases around us
A worksheet encouraging your child to research into how different gases are used to help us in everyday life.
Parts of a plant and what they do worksheet
Parts of a plant and what they do
This download shows a picture of a plant and asks children to label the parts and also explain what each part does. There is an answer sheet included.
Pollination and fertilisation worksheet
Pollination and fertilisation
A worksheet demonstrating the male and female parts of a flower and then explaining the process of pollination and fertilisation. Children draw pictures to show their understanding.
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Year 5 Science Learning Journey

Discover a complete learning programme that covers all the core science skills that your child must master by the end of Year 5. This comprehensive programme enables you to cover every topic in the curriculum with just one 10-minute worksheet every week at home.

Get started on the Year 5 Science Learning Journey and by doing just a few minutes of fun work each week with your child at home, you will inspire their learning, fire up their hunger for knowledge… and ensure they're not only on top of their lessons but brimming over with facts and actively contributing to classes.


Science pack

Experiments and science fun for KS1 and KS2

Beans, gingerbread men, ice, washing-up bottles and cocoa powder – that's all you need to demonstrate key KS1 and KS2 science concepts to your child at the kitchen table. Packed with simple experiments, fun games (Muffled Chinese Whispers, anyone?) and parent-friendly science explanations, our Experiments and science fun for KS1 and KS2 learning pack is all you need to make primary science come to life for your child.

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Fun science activities to try at home

Science can not only lead to well-paid and exciting jobs (think doctor, sports technologist, space craft engineer), it also opens up children’s minds to new ideas and encourages a curiosity about the world around them. Here are some fun activities that you can do with your child to inspire their interest in science.


Science homework? Ask the Homework Gnome

In Year 5, your child will cover some core learning areas of science. For many of these topic-areas, you'll find top facts, timelines, did you knows, pictures, videos and more, in the Homework Gnome. Why not check out the following:

The Solar System
Space Exploration
Water and the water cycle
Forces including gravity, friction and magnetism