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Year 4 English

Girl reading at her desk

Want to support your child’s English studies in Year 4? This year your child will work with a range of texts, including fiction and non fiction, poetry and plays and information texts and will be expected to demonstrate good spelling, punctuation and handwriting in their written work.

We have hundreds of Year 4 English worksheets, games and activities to help you reinforce English learning at home and help with tricky English homework.


Girl reading in the library
Year 4 English: what your child learns
Unsure what your child gets up to in English lessons? Get clued up with our guide to the Year 4 English curriculum.
Boy writing at desk
9 fun writing projects to boost literacy skills
Stories aren’t just for reading – teachers regularly use a story as a starting point to engage children in many writing activities that cover a wide range of objectives. Here, education writer Phoebe Doyle gives you a few suggestions for doing the same at home.
Girl chewing pencil thinking
Good grammar made easy
Good grammar isn't just for English lessons – it's a vital skill that will take your child through their educational journey and their life. It's not hard once you know the rules, says Jackie Cosh.


Planning and writing a story set in an imaginary world worksheet
Planning and writing a story set in an imaginary world
Green or barren, deserted or populated by amazing creatures – it's time to enter an imaginary world! Your child will need to write a story set in an environment of their choosing, using the planning frame to help them organise their ideas before they put pen to paper.
Spelling wordsearch: the suffix -hood
Spelling wordsearch: the suffix -hood
Each of these words ending in -hood is hidden in the wordsearch. Can you find them and insert them into the sentences below?
Recount planning frame worksheet
Recount planning frame
Use this planning frame to write a recount. There are some helpful questions to get you going.
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Year 4 English booster

Year 4 English Booster pack

Put Y4 literacy skills and knowledge into practice the fun way with wordsearches, mix and match activities, play scripts and more.

From writing an advert (persuasive text) to designing a Wanted poster (to practise using correct punctuation), the Year 4 English Booster pack is a great way to revise and consolidate all the core learning skills of Year 4 English.

Y4 English LJ

Discover a unique Year 4 English Learning Journey programme

The Year 4 English Learning Journey programme covers all the key topics in the curriculum for Year 4, in just two worksheets a week. By following the programme, which closely mirrors what your child is being taught in school, you’ll quickly be able to spot any topics that your child hasn't fully grasped and reinforce learning that is happening in the classroom at home. Your child will feel more confident in their own abilities and you’ll know you are giving your child the very best chance of succeeding in school.

Year 4 English progress check

Year 4 English Progress checks

Homophones, non-fiction texts, using paragraphs correctly and the possessive apostrophe – all part of the literacy curriculum for Y4.

You can check your child's progress easily with the Year 4 English Progress checks. Download the three tests (one for each term) now to see the key topics your child needs to master and identify any areas they need to practise and revise.

Grammar Made Easy

Grammar Made Easy

The Grammar Made Easy eBook is for every parent who wants their primary child to do well at school, to see them gain top marks for grammar and punctuation and use language as a door to future opportunities.

Each chapter of the eBook focuses on a specific area – such as tenses or apostrophes – and provides clear, simple explanations of rules to remember, plus examples of what’s right, what’s wrong and why. Then, there are quiz questions to recap and check that your child has understood everything.