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Nursery Maths

Although Nursery children don’t do maths as a standalone subject, teachers encourage an understanding of maths concepts, such as counting to 10 and recognising basic shapes.

Give your child a great start to maths, with our Nursery maths articles and worksheets to help you child get to grips with concepts like directions, daily routines, measurements and repeating patterns.


Nursery maths: what your child learns
What your child learns in Nursery maths
Times tables and long division may be a way off, but the basic numeracy skills your child begins to learn in Nursery will lay the foundations for the years ahead.
Smiling face on blackboard
How to settle your child into nursery and school
A happy, confident child is every parent's goal. We find the solutions to the questions you want to ask about your child starting nursery and school.
Maths learning in EYFS and KS1
Early maths skills: how your child learns about number
Counting may seem as easy as one-two-three to us, but it’s a tricky skill for your child to learn. We explain the stages of getting to grips with number in Reception and Year 1.


Directions obstacle course
Directions obstacle course
Can you follow the directions and find your way through the obstacle course? In front, behind, next to, over... off we go!
Make your own balance scale
Make your own balance scale
Find a clothes hanger and two plastic cups and let's make some balance scales! Then we can have fun balancing different objects. What is heavier – a 10p coin or a toy car?
More or fewer apples and acorns
More or fewer apples and acorns
Sammy squirrel is struggling to learn the difference between the words more and fewer. Can you help him by making apples or acorns for the trees?
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Starting School Scrapbook

My starting school scrapbook

Packed with colourful activities that focus on early English, maths and science skills, as well as supporting your child’s physical and social development, this is the perfect way to hep your child prepare for Reception.

Here are just some of the skills your child will practise:

  • Letter formation
  • Name recognition
  • Following instructions
  • Story sequencing
  • Recognising numbers
  • Carrying out science investigations
  • Identifying 2D and 3D shapes

Work through the activities in the booklet and you'll show them that learning is fun, exciting and amazing.

Nursery Learning Journey

Nursery Maths Learning Journey

You can support your child's numeracy learning at home by following our Nursery Maths Learning Journey programme. There are 40 worksheets in the programme, one for each week of term.

By following the programme you'll be able to develop your child's early numeracy skills, including shapes, number recognition and ordering from first to last.


Nursery and Reception Activity book

The Nursery and Reception Activity eBook

This bumper eBook of carefully crafted, interactive activities is ideally suited for parents of children in the earliest stages of their education. With 60 bright, entertaining and beautifully illustrated activities, all with easy to follow guidelines, this book is perfect for getting 3-5 year olds on the road to learning fun.

The activities are grouped together by 10 themes – from dinosaurs to the farmyard, via nursery rhymes and ‘people who help us’. Each activity is beautifully illustrated and comes with any accompanying worksheets or other resources (like board games) you might need to make the most of it.

With the emphasis on fun, interactive activities that we can enjoy with our young children, The Nursery and Reception Activity eBook is packed full of brilliant activities, games, songs, rhymes and more to make learning a real delight.