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Year 4 maths

Year 4 girl doing maths on blackboard

By Year 4 your child is expected to have a good grasp of the basic maths skills, such as times tables to ten, the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, estimating, measuring and recording results. Other topics like fractions, decimals, mental maths and geometry will all be more challenging in Year 4. Times tables are also formally tested in the Multiplication Tables Check in the summer term.

Help your child build on what they’re learning at school or tackle tricky maths homework with hundreds of Year 4 maths worksheets and discover great activities to help them understand why maths is important in real-life situations.


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Year 4 maths: what your child learns
Want to know what subjects will be the focus in maths lessons in Year 4? Find a detailed breakdown here.
Girl doing times tables homework
Teachers’ tricks for learning times tables
Do you dread times table practice as much as your child does? Primary school teacher Alice Hart uses these effective learning strategies in her classroom – give them a try to liven up today's homework time.
What are Roman numerals?
What are Roman numerals?
Children in KS2 are expected to read and write Roman numerals as part of the primary curriculum. We explain how Roman numerals are introduced in the classroom and how you can help your child practise reading Roman numerals at home.


Adding four digit numbers using column addition tutorial
Adding four digit numbers using column addition tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to add four-digit numbers using column addition. Once you are confident with the method, have a go at answering the on-screen questions.
Recognising a decimal equivalent of any number of tenths tutorial
Recognising a decimal equivalent of any number of tenths tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to recognise a decimal equivalent of any number of tenths, then see if you can answer the on-screen questions she sets you.
Multiplication Tables Practice Check 6
Multiplication Tables Practice Check 6
Get your child to complete a practice multiplication tables check to see if they are ready for the Year 4 times tables test.


Y4 tricky number sequences worksheet
Y4 tricky number sequences
Can you complete these number sequences? They are not related to your times tables, so you will need to think hard about each one! Some of the sequences go backwards and some include negative numbers.
Using tally and bar charts worksheet
Using tally and bar charts
What’s your favourite part of Christmas? Find information about the best aspects of the festive season for as many people as you can by asking your friends at school and your family at home. They will need to choose from the list in the table. Keep a tally of the numbers using this tally chart. Now use these axes to draw your own bar chart to show the information you have found.
Solving two-step problems worksheet
Solving two-step word problems
Can you solve these problems? Jot down the numbers you need to use on the notebooks. Think about the steps needed to work out these problems and jot numbers down as you go along. Ask a parent if you need help finding one half and one fifth of a number.
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Year 4 maths booster

Year 4 Maths Booster pack

From number sequences and rounding to subtracting with the partitioning or column methods, the Year 4 Maths Booster pack will help your child consolidate key mathematical skills and knowledge in a quick daily practice session - and offer some fun revision problems and activities to try.

Each worksheet in the Year 4 Maths Booster pack is a bite-sized mini-revision session; work through them all and you can be confident your child is up to speed with the Year 4 maths curriculum.

Year 4 maths LJ

Discover a unique Year 4 Maths Learning Journey programme

The Year 4 Maths Learning Journey programme covers all the key topics in the curriculum for Year 4, in just one maths worksheet a week. By following the programme, which closely mirrors what your child is being taught in school, you’ll quickly be able to spot any topics that your child hasn't fully grasped and reinforce learning that is happening in the classroom at home. Your child will feel more confident in their own abilities and you’ll know you are giving your child the very best chance of succeeding in school.

Year 4 maths Progress Check

Year 4 Maths Progress checks

How is your child progressing in Y4 maths? Check they've grasped the essential skills and identify any areas where they need some revision and practice with our Year 4 Maths Progress checks. Download the three tests (one for each term) now to see the kind of calculations your child will be working on at school this year.

Each term’s maths test consists of 20 questions and a total of 20 marks. The first 5 questions are mental maths questions (allow your child 10 seconds for each one) and the next 15 are written questions (allow your child as much time as they like to do these questions).

Teach your child division

Teach your child division

Help support your child's maths learning at home with a practical, targeted division eBook. Division topics covered include division as the inverse of multiplication, the repeated subtraction method for division, chunking, worded problems, the short hand division method and dividing decimal numbers. As well as parents' notes on the theory your eBook contains lots of practical activities and games to help your child practise what they're learning at home.

Times Tables Funpack

Year 4 times tables test

From 2020, all Y4 children in England will have their multiplication skills formally tested in the summer term.

We explain the format of the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) and have some online mock MTC practice tests to boost your child's confidence.