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Solving two-step word problems

Solving two-step problems worksheet
Can you solve these problems? Jot down the numbers you need to use on the notebooks. Think about the steps needed to work out these problems and jot numbers down as you go along. Ask a parent if you need help finding one half and one fifth of a number.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 4

What is a two-step word problem?

In Key Stage 2 (KS2) mathematics, a two-step word problem typically involves two separate actions or operations to solve. These types of problems require children to understand the problem, break it down into smaller steps, and apply appropriate mathematical operations to find the solution.

What is an example of a two-step word problem?

Problem: Lucy has 24 stickers. She gave 8 stickers to her friend Jack. Then, she bought 12 more stickers at the store. How many stickers does Lucy have now?


Step 1: Lucy gave 8 stickers to Jack. So, we need to subtract 8 from the total number of stickers she had initially.

  • Initial number of stickers = 24
  • Stickers given to Jack = 8
  • Remaining stickers after giving to Jack = 24 - 8 = 16

Step 2: After giving stickers to Jack, Lucy bought 12 more stickers. We need to add these stickers to the number of stickers she has now.

  • Stickers bought at the shop = 12
  • Total stickers now = Remaining stickers after giving to Jack + Stickers bought at the shop = 16 + 12 = 28

Answer: Lucy has 28 stickers now.

How will this two-step word problem worksheet help my child?

This fun worksheet, created by an experience educator, provides your child with the opportunity to develop their understanding of two-step problems and build their confidence in finding the answers. They will have to read the questions carefully and jot down the important numbers they need to start solving the problem. They may require some parental help with finding fractions of a number.