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Discover how your child will be taught EYFS drama, KS1 drama and KS2 drama and the national curriculum requirements for the teaching of drama.

There are also worksheets to download on how to set out, write, read and perform a play script.


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Performing arts: 7 ways it can boost your child's development
Acting, dancing and singing classes aren’t just for future stars of stage and screen. Enrolling your child in an extra-curricular performing arts class could be an amazing boost to their development and life skills. Here are seven surprising ways the performing arts could benefit your child.
Best children's books about dance, drama and the stage
Best children's books about dance, drama and the stage
Does your child love to perform? Do they dream of a life on the stage or on television, dancing or acting or singing? Whether they're hoping to become a ballerina or a pop star or just love reading about actors, dancers and musicians, we've picked some of the best kids' books that celebrate performance and dance.
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What is a play script?
Children learn to read, write and perform play scripts as part of the English and drama curriculum in primary school. Find out about the features of this genre, as well as ways to support your child's learning at home.


Reading and performing a play script worksheet
Reading and performing a play script
This is a play script about a girl who has moved from Ireland to England and is finding it difficult to settle in at school. Find two other people to act out this play script with you. Make sure you read the stage directions (in brackets and italics) so you know what to do. Put lots of expression into what you are saying – you’re on the stage!
Setting out a play script correctly worksheet
Setting out a play script correctly
Read this passage of text from a story. Write the speech out as a play script, using the frame to guide you. Remember to include stage directions to show what people are doing.
Writing a play script worksheet
Writing a play script
When writing a play script, you need to include the following features: 1. Character’s name on the left 2. Colon : 3. Stage directions in brackets 4. Character’s speech (without speech marks) Look at this example of a play script then continue writing the conversation between Mum and Louise so that we find out what is in the saucepan.
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