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Performing arts: 7 ways it can boost your child's development

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Acting, dancing and singing classes aren’t just for future stars of stage and screen. Enrolling your child in an extra-curricular performing arts class could be an amazing boost to their development and life skills. Here are seven surprising ways the performing arts could benefit your child.

Performing arts boost 1: Building confidence

If your child is lacking in confidence, joining a performing arts class could be the answer. Working with other children and performing in a group in front of an audience helps young people find their feet on stage and boosts their courage over time.

According to teachers at Stagecoach Performing Arts school, this is one of the favourite parts of their job: working with a child who starts out nervous and shy in class, watching them develop over time and finally showcasing the confidence they’ve gained in a production.

And it has a knock-on effect outside of stage performances. This new-found confidence will help your child carry out daily tasks that they may find intimidating and anxiety-inducing, such as speaking to new people, doing school presentations and putting their hand up in class.

Performing arts boost 2: Developing communication skills

The performing arts are all about conveying meaning and storytelling, which is a fantastic way to develop your child’s communications skills.

Former Stagecoach acting teacher John Pritchard explains: “Acting is how we learn – babies copy and mimic the adults around them. If you want to show someone how to do something, or give directions to someone who is lost, you’ll often act out your instructions. Drama is essentially communication… and communication is vital because without it we’d all be alone.”

Performing arts boost 3: Improving social skills

The performing arts are all about teamwork! Whether it be singing together in harmony, dancing as part of a troupe or being part of a cast of actors, working with peers to achieve a common goal will greatly benefit your child’s social and interpersonal skills.

Performing arts boost 4: Encouraging empathy

When a child performs the role of a character, they are encouraged to consider the thoughts, feelings and characteristics of a fictional person who could be going through something either familiar to or completely different from what the child has experienced.

This is a great benefit to the development of empathy in children as it allows them to mentally step into someone else’s shoes and see a situation from another’s point of view.

Performing arts boost 5: Techniques to help them handle tough situations

Performing a role provides your child with a safe space in which to explore situations that they could face in their lives.

As our children get older, they will face all kinds of challenges in life, from exam stress to bereavement. Unfortunately, some of these challenges can have an impact on their mental health.

But activities such as dancing release endorphins, which improve your mood, and the breathing techniques students are taught in singing classes can help during stressful times and panic attacks.

Performing arts boost 6: Exploring their creativity

A performing arts class can provide a comfortable environment for your child to explore their weirdest and wackiest ideas, without worrying about being judged by their classmates. As Stagecoach dance teacher Bree Smith told us: “Children’s imagination and creativity never cease to amaze me. I believe dance can be used as an expression of emotion and a way to tell a story and affect the people watching you.”

Performing arts boost 7: Expanding their interests and making new friends

Extracurricular activities are one of the best ways to help your child learn who they are and explore what really interests and excites them.

Whether these activities lead to a career in the arts, or simply give your child an opportunity to truly be themselves, they can play a key part in their development.

And weekly classes, like those held at Stagecoach, give your child an opportunity to mix with other children with similar interests from outside of their regular school and home circles, ultimately expanding their friendship groups.

Find out more about Stagecoach Performing Arts classes near you.

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