Weights and measurements

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Understanding and using a range of skills to calculate weights and measures is a core numeracy skill that your child will keep returning to over their primary school years.

In this section of the site you'll find lots of weights and measurements worksheets on all the key areas of learning, including using the language of measurement, estimating and reading measurements of length, weight and capacity, reading scales, using standard and non-standard units, comparing lengths, calculating perimeter and area and measuring volume.


Tape measures
Teachers' tricks for weights and measures
Weights and measures can be a really fun area of maths to teach in school – but one that can leave parents unsure of how to help at home. Teacher Phoebe Doyle has some hints and suggestions.
What is 'convert into the same units'?
How do you 'convert into the same units'?
We explain what the phrase 'convert into the same units' means, how children are taught to convert units of measurement and techniques that teachers use to help children master this skill.
What is mass?
What is mass?
We explain what mass means, how mass is usually measured and how children are taught to convert from one unit of mass to another.


Comparing weights
Comparing weights
This practical and fun activity will enable your child to compare weights of two household objects to see which is the heaviest. Why not find other objects to compare as well?
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Comparing measures: ranking things in order
Comparing measures: ranking things in order
A practical cut out and stick activity that will help your child compare sizes from the shortest to the tallest. Great for visual learners.
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Capacity problems challenge worksheet
Capacity problems challenge
Can you answer these capacity problem challenges? There are four for you to tackle. You can change the amounts to ml. and draw pictures where it helps.
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Working out the perimeter of a 2D shape tutorial
Let our digital teacher (and a helpful ladybird) show you to work out the perimerter of a 2D shape tutorial – than have a go at a few on-screen questions.
Finding the area of squares and rectangles tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how easy it is to find the area of squares and rectangles – then when you're feeling confidence, have a go yourself!
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Reading measurements

Reading measurements

Can you read measurements in grams and kilograms? Do you know your litres from your millilitres? Can you measure in centimetres and metres? Let's find out.

Reading measurements: weight
Reading measurements: capacity
Reading measurements: length

Cool maths games

Discover some cool maths games to play with your child

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If you want to make maths more enjoyable for your child, print out a board game (or two) and settle down for some cozy, round-the-kitchen-table fun your children will be asking you to make time for. As well as play value, each game offers huge learning opportunities, so pick a skill to revise, print out the game rules, board and counters and get playing!

Weights and measurements