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Home educating your child is an exciting and challenging experience — and you're not alone! There are plenty of home educators in the same boat, as you'll discover from our articles, and plenty of support on TheSchoolRun to help you get through the ups and downs and boost your confidence along the way. Learn about the legalities of home education, how to home educate on a budget, the best home education resources available and much more. 


Home educating children of different ages
Home educating children of different ages
Many families home educate more than one child. If you're thinking of doing the same for your family, we have parents' tips on how to make it work.
Home education mother and child
Home education on a budget
Home education doesn't have to be an expensive commitment. Dawn Francis-Pester takes a look at the many money-saving opportunities for home educating families.
Children reading outdoors
Getting started with home education: your step-by-step guide
Beginning to home educate your child is a big leap into the unknown, so how do you actually get the ball rolling? We explain how the process works in the UK.
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Key home learning skills for every year group

Feeling overwhelmed by school closures and your new home teacher status? You are not alone! We've asked our teacher contributors (who are also parents!) to highlight the key skills we should all be focusing on with each year group as we start our home schooling.

Struggling to see how you're going to get your own work done under these conditions? We have 11 top tips for working at home while your child is off school.

Home education planning pack

Get your home education journey off to a confident start: find out how to set up your own curriculum, how to write an educational philosophy, how to measure progress and evidence learning, how to keep a learning journal and how to use an academic diary in TheSchoolRun's Home education planning pack (available to subscribers only).

Templates and examples of documents are provided, as well as lots of information and tips from an experienced UK home educator.

Child-friendly museums for UK home educators

Bring home learning to life with a visit to one of the UK's best museums for families. Packed with opportunities to get hands-on with the exhibits, dress up, try some experiments and more, these venues come highly recommended by the most rigorous of critics: parents and children. You can also prepare for your visit by downloading the educational resources the museums provide, or joining special home-educator sessions.


daily resource programme

Daily learning programme

Are you looking for daily inspiration to encourage your child’s love of learning? Do you want to develop their knowledge and skills with a structured programme of activities?

Introducing TheSchoolRun’s daily learning programme, suitable for parents of children aged 3-11 (equivalent to school years Nursery to Year 6).

Sign up for the programme and each weekday we’ll send you a bite-size email with easy-to-use ideas and resources to support your child's learning at home.

The programme runs for 6 months and is perfect for parents who have taken their children out of school for a period, those who are setting out on the home education journey or just parents who want daily activities to boost their child’s learning.

Targeted by age/school year, the programme includes a range of activities such as:

- English, maths or science worksheets to download and print.

- Interactive maths tutorials – our digital teacher will explain the method, show you examples and then give you a chance to practise what you've learned.

- Topic-themed learning packs and workbooks to explore.

- Fun activities and games you can do at home to keep your child busy.

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