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Nursery Science

The EYFS Framework for learning doesn’t include science as a distinct subject, but your child will begin to develop science skills through other topics, experiences and everyday activities.

Give your child a great introduction to science learning, with our Nursery science articles and worksheets to help you child get to grips with concepts like habitats, the environment and materials.


Nursery science: what your child learns
What your child learns in Nursery science
Children have naturally enquiring minds, and the science-based activities they do in the Early Years will help develop that sense of curiosity.
Girl and teacher using microscope
Simple science activities to try today
Science doesn't have to mean complicated experiments with chemicals and Bunsen burners. Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage can get involved in science with these fun, fast-results experiments. Sarah Cruickshank reports.
Learning about plants in primary school
Learning about plants in primary school
From the parts of a plant to the seed cycle, water transportation and photosynthesis, children learn lots about the living things around us in primary school. Find out what is taught when in the primary classroom in our parents' guide.


This is me fact file
This is me fact file
We all have things that make us unique. Today you are going to make your own book all about you!
Coffee filter leaves activity
Coffee filter leaves activity
Today you are going to use science to make a beautiful selection of autumn leaves.
Nature scavenger hunt
Nature scavenger hunt
Today you are going on a nature scavenger hunt to see what you can find. See how many items you can tick off from this list.
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Starting School Scrapbook

My starting school scrapbook

Packed with colourful activities that focus on early English, maths and science skills, as well as supporting your child’s physical and social development, this is the perfect way to hep your child prepare for Reception.

Here are just some of the skills your child will practise:

  • Letter formation
  • Name recognition
  • Following instructions
  • Story sequencing
  • Recognising numbers
  • Carrying out science investigations
  • Identifying 2D and 3D shapes

Work through the activities in the booklet and you'll show them that learning is fun, exciting and amazing.

Nursery Learning Journey

Nursery Science Learning Journey

You can support your child's science learning at home by following our Nursery Science Learning Journey programme. There are 40 worksheets in the programme, one for each week of term.

By following the programme you'll be able to develop your child's early science skills, such as naming parts of a flower, thinking about what’s happening to their body when they’ve been running around and talking about different textures when they’re building junk models.


Nursery and Reception Activity book

The Nursery and Reception Activity eBook

This bumper eBook of carefully crafted, interactive activities is ideally suited for parents of children in the earliest stages of their education. With 60 bright, entertaining and beautifully illustrated activities, all with easy to follow guidelines, this book is perfect for getting 3-5 year olds on the road to learning fun.

The activities are grouped together by 10 themes – from dinosaurs to the farmyard, via nursery rhymes and ‘people who help us’. Each activity is beautifully illustrated and comes with any accompanying worksheets or other resources (like board games) you might need to make the most of it.

With the emphasis on fun, interactive activities that we can enjoy with our young children, The Nursery and Reception Activity eBook is packed full of brilliant activities, games, songs, rhymes and more to make learning a real delight.