Applications and appeals

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Getting your child into the right school can be a very stressful experience! But we've got lots of information in this section of the site to help you with the process, from choosing the right school for your child, understanding Ofsted reports, how to apply, appealing if you don't get the school of your choice, school admissions panel hearings, and how to build your child's confidence if they don't get into the school of your choice


Secondary school ICT
13 things you must look for during a secondary school visit
Starting the secondary school application process and feeling a bit clueless? We quizzed the experts (and the parents who’ve been there and done it) to find out what you should look out for when touring schools.
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School admissions appeals forms: a step-by-step guide
If you’ve just found out that your child hasn’t got a place in the school they wanted, the good news is that you can appeal the decision. Read our comprehensive guide on how to write a good appeals form and what information you need to include.
School starting age and deferred entry explained for parents
When does your child legally have to start school, and what happens if you don't think they’re ready? We explain the rules around your child’s first day at primary school in England.
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Choosing a school: the parents' guide

Finding the school where your child will be happy, challenged and given opportunities to thrive both academically and creatively is no easy task. From reading Ofsted reports and making the most of open days to the right questions to ask, we offer lots of information to help you make the right choice.

School appeals step-by-step

Information and advice to support parents through the appeals process for primary and secondary school places.

Applications and appeals