Year 6 Maths Learning Journey

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How to get started on the Year 6 Maths Learning Journey

There are two ways to go: 1) Work through these worksheets in order or pick worksheets that match topics your child is currently covering at school. 2) Look out for an email from us every Wednesday – this will have recommendations for two worksheets to complete that week (one English, one maths). We'll also send you emails with a further 24 fun worksheets that'll keep them out of mischief during the school holidays!

There is also a Year 6 maths Learning Journey checklist to help you keep track.

For more information, we'd recommend you read Year 6 maths: what your child learns.

Don't forget! We have a whole section on Year 6 Maths where you'll find lots more articles, worksheets, games and activities.

Don't forget to print out your reward chart!