Girl being bullied

Nobody wants to find out that their child is being bullied – or that their child is doing the bullying! But it’s unfortunately quite common and many parents have to deal with this at some stage during their child’s school years.

In this section of the site you can find information on how to help your child fight back against bullying, how to know if your child is bullying, and also how to deal with cyber bullying


Playground bullying
How to fight back against bullying
Bullying can completely spoil a child's experience of school and learning – follow this advice to help your child through this difficult experience.
Little girl using laptop
How to deal with cyber-bullying
Cyber-bullying can be particularly distressing because victims feel the bullies have access to them at all times. We offer some practical ways you can protect your child.
Girl pushing boy playfully
Is your child bullying?
Being told that your child is bullying is very difficult to come to terms with. We offer some expert advice and support on how to cope and help your child.