Home education

Home education in the UK

If you've decided that home education is right for you and your family you'll need information and advice to help you organise your curriculum and schedule.

Read our guide to home education in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to find out about local requirements and the legalities of home education, then write a home education philosophy, decide how you're going to track your home-educated child's progress and investigate home education groups near you.

Find out more about home-educating siblings of different ages or a child with special educational needs and boost your confidence as a home educator with expert tips.

You can also share the first-person experiences of UK home educators who choose home education.


Children reading outdoors
Getting started with home education: your step-by-step guide
Beginning to home educate your child is a big leap into the unknown, so how do you actually get the ball rolling? We explain how the process works in the UK.
Common home education concerns sorted
Are you cut out to home educate?
So you're thinking about home educating your child but aren't sure whether you're up to the job. We address some of the most common concerns to help you decide on the best course of action for you and for your child.
Home educating children of different ages
Home educating children of different ages
Many families home educate more than one child. If you're thinking of doing the same for your family, we have parents' tips on how to make it work.


Phonics games learning pack cover
Phonics games
Your child will do lots of phonics learning at school – so why not use games to help them put their new skills into practice at home? Our Phonics games learning pack, created by a KS1 teacher (and parent), offers ten games and activities to choose from. Everything you need to start playing, from instructions to game boards and a sound die, is included in your download – print off your bingo counters, sharpen your pencils and have some fun!
KS1 Maths Puzzle Pack, TheSchoolRun
KS1 maths puzzles
Number bonds, odd and even, halving and doubling, reading information tables... Horatio the wizard needs your child's help with all his KS1 maths skills if he's to complete his quest and become a real magician. Puzzles to solve, games to play and a tricky code to crack... who says playing with numbers isn't fun?
Summer brain-boosting challenges learning pack
Summer brain-boosting challenges
Juggle fruit. Work on the technology of the future. Plot and design a lost city, create a zoo of invented animals, learn to talk sdrawkcab and bake a pizza clock and a pastry map. How many of our wonderful brain-boosting challenges can you fit into your summer? All you need are some art materials, imagination and an enquiring mind to have a go at a whole host of practical and reflective activities, suitable for primary-school children (and parents, of course). Have fun!
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Brilliant child-friendly museums for UK home educators

Bring home learning to life with a visit to one of the UK's best museums. Packed with opportunities to get hands-on with the exhibits, dress up, try some experiments and more, these venues come highly recommended by the most rigorous of critics: parents and children. You can also prepare for your visit by downloading the educational resources the museums provide, or joining special home-educator sessions.