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mother and son studying homework

As much as they may grumble about it, doing homework is something your child is going to have to get used to and, especially in the early years of school, they’re going to need your support.

In this section of the site you’ll find lots of information to help you teach your child good homework techniques, create a good homework / life balance, understand how much homework children get in each primary school year, support maths and English homework, and deal with homework headaches.

Instill good homework strategies now and it will pay dividends when your child gets to secondary school!


Boy studying a map
Simple strategies to end the homework wars
Do battles over homework leave you – and your children – seething? Moira Holden looks at ways to make homework time run more smoothly.
Dad doing homework with child and toddler
Siblings and homework: how to survive
Does your pre-schooler play havoc during his older sibling’s homework time? Is getting the reading, writing and spelling done a military operation every evening? Lucy Dimbylow asked experts and mums for their coping strategies.
Study skills for kids
How to help your child develop study skills
Learning how to study, complete homework projects and revise is essential as your child moves towards the end of primary school. We asked the experts for their advice on getting into good work habits. By Lucy Dimbylow
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Primary maths glossary and primary English glossary

Find detailed explanations of maths methods taught in school today, literacy terms and classroom techniques in our primary-school glossaries.


Maths homework helper

Never be stumped by maths homework again

Spelling, geography projects, sentence-writing, model-constructing... not a problem. It's maths homework that gives most parents cause for concern! That's why TheSchoolRun is packed with information on new maths techniques, strategies to try and easy explanations to help you get the numbers straight in your own head first!

Literacy Homework Helper

Literacy Homework Helper

Literacy – reading, writing and thinking about the written word – is hugely important to your child’s primary school education and additional support at home is vital to ensure their success. If helping with English homework isn’t your forte, the Literacy Homework Helper eBook will be a reference guide you’ll refer back to constantly.
Your Literacy Homework Helper eBook covers the ins and outs of reading, writing and spelling as they are taught in the primary national curriculum. Whether you are trying to help with a specific piece of homework, your child has a problem with a topic they’ve covered at school, or you just want to give an extra boost at home to their literacy learning, this resource is designed for you to be able to quickly find relevant information for you and practical ideas and activities to help your child from Reception to Year 6, under the three distinct umbrellas of reading, writing and spelling.

Maths Homework Helper

Maths is a core skill within the primary national curriculum. As we use maths every day, it is also a vital skill for life. But, some of us still dread our child coming home and asking for help with their maths homework, as learning methods and terminology are sometimes different from how we were taught.

f this sounds like you, you'll find the Maths Homework Helper eBook an immensely useful resource. Firstly, it collates the main topics your child will need to know. Secondly, it acts as a refresher course for you, so you can revisit each topic and understand just what your child is learning during class time. It covers the crucial topics of numbers, using numbers, measures, shape and space, and data handling, so you and your child will be able to learn, understand and use maths skills in everyday situations.

There are also helpful rules to remember, a jargon-busting guide to key maths language, plus tips and ideas to help your child continue their learning away from their text books.


Teach your child multiplication

Teach your child maths

Have a look at our fantastic Teach your child... series for fantastic ways to help your child grasp core primary school learning concepts. 

Each Teach your child... eBook is a reference guide and home-teaching kit which will help you understand exactly what skills your child is expected to have mastered in each year of the primary school curriculum. Each guide as been compiled to ensure that you have the right information at your fingertips so you can quickly make sure your child has fully grasped and achieved each and every skill for their correct year group and using the same methods that they are taught (rather than confusing them with the one you were taught at school!). You'll be able to print off highly targeted and child-friendly fun worksheets to help them master each of the essential skills in fun, five-minute sessions.

Let the Homework Gnome help with your topic homework

History, geography and science topics are all covered by the Homework Gnome. Check out our fact-filled pages and you'll find top facts, timelines, did you knows, pictures, videos and more! Who said homework can't be fun?