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You and your child's teacher

Parent teacher meeting

Your relationship with your child’s teacher is really important if you want to ensure your child makes the best progress possible at school.

From how to build a great rapport with your child’s teacher, to preparing for parent-teacher meetings, teacher tips to help with homework and discipline (they manage 30 primary-schoolers at a time... we're impressed) and even what to buy for the end-of-term gift, you’ll find lots of useful help and advice in this section from teachers and other parents like you.


Teacher and pupils in classroom
12 ways to build a great relationship with your child’s teacher
We all want the teacher to love our child (and us too!) so Lucy Dimbylow asked them to share their top parenting peeves, along with the things that parents can do at school and at home to make their job easier. Teachers’ pets, us? Yes please!
Boy unhappy at school
‘My teacher hates me!’
There are some things you never want to hear your child say, and when it comes to his education, “Mummy, my teacher doesn’t like me!” tops the list. So what can you do if your child insists the teacher thinks they’re bottom of the class? Sarah Ebner offers some advice.
School-themed biscuits
Teachers' best and worst gifts ever
Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but what would teachers really like as a thank-you gift at the end of term? Lucy Dimbylow asked them to reveal their favourite ever presents – and the ones they could have lived without
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Parent teacher meeting

Preparing for parent-teacher meetings

If you've got parents' evening coming up, or have made an appointment to see your child's issue, make sure you are prepared beforehand so you can make the most of your time. Here are some great tips:

Essential Guide to the First Years of School
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