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Great gift ideas for teachers

Letter to teacher
Chocolates or smellies are typically the gifts of choice but if you fancying giving something more original try one of these ideas.

Homemade cakes and biscuits

Making cakes or biscuits as an end-of-year gift for teachers shows plenty of thought, and is a fun activity for your child, too. Choose an easy but delicious recipe, such as white chocolate and cranberry muffins. 

Paint a mug

Tea or coffee is what gets most teachers through the day (we can all relate to that!) and a mug is a keepsake they can use for years to come. To make this gift more personal, buy a paint-your-own-mug kit and your child can decorate the mug themselves. Plenty of craft shops sell these kits, or you could buy a plain mug from a supermarket or pound shop and use acrylic pens or Sharpies to decorate it. This is a gift that is personal and practical all in one go.

Homemade cards

You can probably spot a ‘home-made’ theme here, but most teachers’ homes are proudly adorned with cards created by their children at this time of year. Obviously, all you need is card and come coloured pens or paints, stickers, glitter - whatever takes your child’s fancy. To make the card extra special, your child could write a little poem inside to show what their teacher means to them.

Extra special plants

Pop down to your local garden centre or DIY store and pick up some bulbs, seeds or plants to give as a gift - a longer-lasting present than a bunch of flowers that'll wilt within days. Your child could choose a special pot for the plant, or buy a plain terracotta pot to decorate with pens, paint or stickers. Some plants have particularly significant names, such as forget-me-nots or Remember Me roses - garden centre staff will be happy to help you find something that ticks all the boxes.

Ethical gifts

According to a poll by Unicef and the Times Educational Supplement, most teachers would prefer ethical gifts, which involve a donation to charity. - there are loads to choose from, such as Toilet Twinning. You can also make donations to education-related projects in the teacher’s name. Or if your teacher is an animal-lover, you could ‘adopt’ an endangered animal for them through the WWF. Find out what charities or causes your teacher supports, then go to Good Gifts or Global Giving, which allow you to browse different charity projects and make a donation in the teacher’s name.

Group presents

Presents from the whole class offer the opportunity to make teachers feel really appreciated. You could club together with other parents to buy something bigger, such as spa vouchers or tickets to a show: a very well-deserved treat at the end of the school year.

Give your child a headstart

Give your child a headstart

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