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Best teachers' gifts

Terry's Chocolate apple gift
A teacher can change a child's life – and attitude to learning – forever. We've found some of the most original (and delicious) ways to say thank you to the person who has enriched your child's school year, whatever your budget. Chocolate and biscuits, personalised bags, mugs and accessories, charity donations and more – all great tokens of your appreciation for the work of an inspirational teacher.
Personalised Teacher Magnet

Personalised Teacher Magnet


Simple, budget-friendly gift that can be personalised with your teacher's name. The magnets are fun and brightly coloured, and a cheerful way to say thank you. 

Etsy personalised stamp

Personalised Teacher Stamp

£12.56, Etsy

This cute personalised stamp displays the teacher's name and their own emoji, so they can mark work with a little more fun and pizzazz! 

Personalised class of 2024

Personalised 'Class Of 2024' Teacher Print


If you're teacher is into their arts and crafts, this lovely personalised typographic print will be perfect as a thank-you gift. 

Teachers' mug

Personalised Teachers' Mug

£12.99, Amazon

A funky coffee mug for your favourite teacher's break time. All you need to do is add your teacher's name and wait for it to be delivered (if you have Amazon Prime, you can get this in the post the next day!). 

Personalised teacher bag

Personalised Teacher Bag

£11.99, Amazon

This bag has a beautiful rainbow image with the words 'Teach, Love, Inspire, Motivate, Lead, Encourage, Listen, Connect, Include'. It's made with strong, durable material and is perfect for carryin folders and books around. 

Personalised Black Swirl Scented Jar Candle

Personalised Black Swirl Scented Jar Candle

£8.99, Born Gifted

Simple and sweet, this scented candle is a great gift and can be given to teachers, but also to other loved ones that you wish to thank. 


Personalised Teacher's Notepad

Personalised Teacher's Notepad


A practical and thoughtful gift idea, this personalised pen and notepad will make your teacher feel very special indeed!

Good Gifts school gifts

Teacher gifts from Good Gifts

from £14+, Good Gifts

Donate a fruit tree in a developing country, knitting kits for refugees, or provide a dinner for hungry children, all in the name of your teacher. The perfect gesture to demonstrate the importance of giving back. 

Personalised Engraved Teacher's Ruler

Personalised Engraved Teacher's Ruler


A lovely little gift for a teacher that is also incredibly useful! This 30cm ruler can be personalised and you can even add a little image, such as heart or flower. 

Best Teacher Glass Terrarium

Best Teacher Glass Terrarium

£31.90, Amazon

A lovely idea for any green-fingered teachers. This is an indoor, desktop terrarium that can fit succulents, cacti, air plants or moss (plants not included). 

Hungry Caterpillar gift

Very Hungry Caterpillar Best Teacher Art Print

£7.99, Amazon

This is a handmade art print that can be created with your own words and personalised with your teacher's name. Perfect for a Nursery of Reception teacher, or simply anyone that loves this children's classic story. 

Teacher paperweight gift

'Best Teacher' Star Paperweight

£9.99, Amazon

An acrylic keepsake perfect for expressing your gratitude. It will go nicely on their desktop or bookshelf and the heartfelt message will be greatly appreciated. 


Thank a teacher notebooks

Thanks Teacher Notebook set 

£22.99, Amazon

This set includes six spiral notebooks with various messages and images on the covers and sticky notes included, as well as six bamboo pens. 


Teacher's Engraved Pen Holder and Pen

Engraved Pen Holder and Pen


This personalised pen holder is made of chrome and the lid can be engraved with any message in a lovely script font. It's a practical and long-lasting gift. 

Personalised Teacher Tea Towel

Personalised Teacher Tea Towel

£12, Etsy

This personalised tea towel has a funky geometric apple design and will make a unique gift for your teacher's home that they can show off to guests. 

Wooden fridge magnet

Personalised Teacher Fridge Magnet

£3.99, Amazon

A sweet little gift that your teacher can pop on their fridge at home (or maybe even the staff room – if they feel like showing off a bit!).  

Star wars travel mug

Teachers Travel Mug

£16.99, Amazon

It's a rather specific gift, and your teacher will probably need to be a Star Wars fan, but if they are then this is a funny travle mug that they can take with them on their commute to school.  

Personalised Teacher Water Bottle

Personalised Teacher Water Bottle


Insulated water bottle with a personalised name on the side – for both hot and cold beverages. You have a choice of five colours and it can be laser engraved. 

Teacher Tote Bag

Teacher Tote Bag


A lightweight and reusable bag that comes in handy in countless situations. The message is loud and clear: I am an awesome teacher. Why not 'tote' your own horn? 

Personalised Giant Biscuit Card

Personalised Giant Biscuit Card

£25, Biscuiteers

Yummy! This is the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. These biscuits are super tasty and handcrafted, and you can usually get a discount on your first purchase! 

Terrys Chocolate Orange / Apple,

Terrys Chocolate Orange / Apple


Another great gift for those who love a sweet treat, and it looks like it could be one of your five a day! It's covered in green chocolate and comes with a personalised message on the base. 

Personalised Teacher Chocolate Message Board

Personalised Teacher Chocolate Message Board

£14.95, Etsy

You can buy the board and put your own chocolate on, or you can buy the chocolate package and stick them on with the adhesive that is included. They recommend not buying the chocolate package in the summer, in case it melts on its way! 

Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice mug

Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice mug

£5.97, Amazon

We all know that teacher who has a favourite catchphrase – and this one is a classic: Don't make me use my teacher voice! A funny mug for a teacher who likes to have a laugh, but also gets their serious teacher voice (and mug) out when it's time. 

Personalised 'Teacher Things' Pencil Case

Personalised 'Teacher Things' Pencil Case


What better gift for a school teacher than a pencil case? Give them something nice to put their pens and pencils in, and everbody will know who it belongs to because their own name will be printed in beautiful script on the front! 

Personalised Thank You Teacher Tie

Personalised Thank You Teacher Tie


This smart tie can be personalised with name, class or school subject. You can also leave the front blank and put the message on the tail of the tie, so it's more subtle. 

Personalised Teacher Character Keepsake Tin

Personalised Teacher Character Keepsake Tin


These personalised teacher keepsake tins come in eight illustrated character themes and you can match the appropriate theme to your favourite teacher. Maybe you think they're the kindest teacher ever, super fun, or the best maths teacher?


Personalised Teacher Pencil Set

Personalised Teacher Pencil Set


Be the perfect teacher's pet with these personalised pencils. They are handmade from natural wood with a rubber top and it comes with a drawstring bag. 

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