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Transition to secondary school

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It might seem only the blink of an eye ago that you were waving your child off on their first day in Reception, but if you’ve got a child in Year 5 or Year 6 you’ll already be starting to think about the transition to secondary school.

We’ve got lots of information, advice and tips in this section to help you choose and apply for the right school (and appeal if necessary), prepare your child for the move, get everything ready for the first day (including the 5 things you must do before starting secondary school!) and help your child find their feet during those first daunting weeks.


Secondary school ICT
13 things you must look for during a secondary school visit
Starting the secondary school application process and feeling a bit clueless? We quizzed the experts (and the parents who’ve been there and done it) to find out what you should look out for when touring schools.
Secondary school pupils
The parents' guide to secondary school: types of school
Not sure whether your child would do best at an academy, free school or grammar school? We explain the different types of secondary school.
Secondary school transfer days
Secondary school induction days: what to expect
The transition from primary to secondary school is a big step for your child, but summer term induction days can help them to prepare for their new milestone. We explain how they work and what you (and your child) should expect.


Y6 to Y7 English transition pack
Y6 to Y7 English transition pack
Prepare for KS3 English with our Year 6 to Year 7 literacy transition pack. Revise journalistic writing, figurative language, persuasive text and more, as well as trying your hand at some tricky reading comprehensions and completing some wordsearches. A brilliant way to boost your confidence over the summer holidays, the Y7 English transition pack will help you hit the ground running in secondary school!
Y6 to Y7 maths transition pack
Y6 to Y7 maths transition pack
Identify the rules of a number sequence, find the lowest common denominator or the highest common factor, order fractions, use data tables, investigate probability and calculate area – all vital maths skills as your child moves into secondary school maths. Revise and practise key methods and concepts with our Year 6 to Year 7 maths transition pack and boost their confidence in the run-up to KS3.
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Parent's Guide to SEcondary School

A Parent's Guide to Secondary School

This indispensable guide will help you and your child successfully manage the important transition from the cosy world of primary school to the bigger world of secondary school. A Parent's Guide to Secondary School takes you through everything you need to know about secondary school, from deciding which schools to apply for, through the application and appeals process, to supporting your child in the first weeks and months in their new school.

Year 6 to year 7 summer booster packs

Boost your child's confidence in the run-up to secondary school with targeted revision activities for English and maths. Reading comprehension, journalistic writing, using figurative language, writing persuasive text, spelling and lots more are covered in the Y6 to Y7 English booster pack; square numbers and prime numbers, percentages, fractions and decimals, number sequences and data tables are all part of the Y6 to Y7 maths booster pack.

The Y6 to Y7 transition packs are exclusive to TheSchoolRun subscribers.