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Social and emotional skills

Children holding hands

Helping your child develop good emotional and social skills might not have been something you considered much before there was an issue, like your child refusing to share or dealing with temper tantrums. But personal, social and emotional education is just as important as English and maths learning, and it is an area that your child’s school will cover in class.

There is also a lot you can do at home to support your child’s social and emotional development, and you’ll find advice in this section of the site, as well as ideas for teaching your child how to set goals.


Children in a circle smiling
Developing social-emotional skills for a happier, healthier child
Developing social-emotional skills is key to your child’s long-term mental health and social capabilities, but it’s sometimes treated as a less important area of education. We asked young persons’ counsellor and children’s book author, Hannah Peckham, to share her advice on how to support this key area of development at home.
Children pulling funny faces
Childhood friendships: should you intervene?
When your child falls out with a friend or seems unhappy with the social aspect of school, what can you do to help and how involved should you get? Danielle Weekes reports.
Helping children cope with bereavement
How to help your child cope with bereavement
Everyone deals with grief and bereavement in their own personal way, whatever their age or personality. We offer some expert advice on supporting your child and helping them explore and express their grief.