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Social and emotional skills articles

Children in a circle smiling
Developing social-emotional skills for a happier, healthier child
Developing social-emotional skills is key to your child’s long-term mental health and social capabilities, but it’s sometimes treated as a less important area of education. We asked young persons’ counsellor and children’s book author, Hannah Peckham, to share her advice on how to support this key area of development at home.
Two children laughing and writing
5 tips on inspiring your funny child to write jokes
Comedy is often an underrated learning tool. It can encourage your child to be creative, express their individuality and help them engage in reading, writing and performance. Encourage your child’s inner comedian with these tips from stand-up comedian, children’s author and comedy writer Steven Vinacour.
performers on stage with red curtain
Performing arts: 7 ways it can boost your child's development
Acting, dancing and singing classes aren’t just for future stars of stage and screen. Enrolling your child in an extra-curricular performing arts class could be an amazing boost to their development and life skills. Here are seven surprising ways the performing arts could benefit your child.
Mother and child opening gift
Best SEN gifts: sensory needs
Finding the right gift that will bring joy and comfort can be a challenge, and it can feel like the world of children’s toys is lacking in the special educational needs (SEN) department. But the market is slowly changing, and sensory toys are becoming a popular choice for children of all neurological backgrounds.
Child looking sad as parents argue
Co-parenting a primary school child after separation
If you’re trying to overcome the hurdle of co-parenting a primary school child after parental separation then you’re not alone. Should you inform the school of changes at home? What should you do about childcare, school trips, and parents’ evening? Get top tips from experts and seasoned co-parents about the ups and downs of parenting after separation or divorce.
Best books for inclusion and diversity
Best books for inclusion and diversity
Creating an environment that promotes inclusivity and diversity at home and in the classroom is incredibly important, but how can we do this? A great place to start is with one of the oldest and most powerful tools for opening minds there is – books!
Best books for young activists
Best books for young activists
Our children's generation have the opportunity to change the world for the better, becoming guardians of our planet and promoting equity and social justice. Help them understand the role they will play in protecting people and environment and show them that every one of us can make a difference with this selection of inspiring, positive kids' books about activism and activists.
Child to parent abuse explained
Child to parent abuse: ‘My daughter made threats to kill me’
One mum shares her experience of parenting an abusive and violent child.
What is child to parent abuse?
Understanding child to parent abuse
A violent or abusive child can have a big impact on the whole family. But what might trigger child to parent abuse (CPA), and how can you find a way through it?
Alternative provision in education
'Alternative provision has helped my daughter's social skills and confidence'
Being educated outside school in alternative provision can help children who struggle with mainstream schooling. One mum shares her story.
What is alternative provision?
What is alternative provision?
Children who have difficulties with school may fare better in alternative provision. We take a look at what you might expect if your child is moved to an alternative education setting.
PDA explained for parents
‘PDA is anxiety driven, not a discipline issue’
One mum shares her child's struggles with pathological demand avoidance (PDA) and how the family has learned to support him.
What is pathological demand avoidance?
What is pathological demand avoidance?
Some children with autism struggle with PDA: an anxiety-driven condition that can make it extremely difficult to comply with demands. We explain what it is and how to help your child cope at home and at school.
Talking to children about racism
Teaching primary school children about racism
A worrying number of children have heard racist language at school. Here's how schools talk to children about racism, and how you can back them up with anti-racism discussions at home.
Learning about LGBT families at primary school
Learning about LGBT issues in primary schools
How might your primary school child learn about LGBT relationships at school? We take a look at what to expect and how to support their learning.
What is positive discipline?
What is Positive Discipline?
Could you shake up the way you deal with bad behaviour and make your family a calmer, happier place? Here's how to put a positive spin on how you discipline your child.
Safeguarding in primary schools
Safeguarding in primary schools explained
What do schools have to do to keep children safe from abuse and neglect? What should you do if you suspect a child is at risk? And what will happen if your child is referred to social services? We answer your questions about safeguarding primary school children.
What is a social story?
What is a social story?
Social stories can help children with special needs understand situations that might crop up at school or at home. Primary school SEN Inclusion Lead Julie Steele explains how they work.
Talking to children about dementia
Talking to children about dementia
We asked the experts for their advice on answering your child’s questions about their loved ones with dementia and suggest books about dementia for children.
Best mental health books for kids
The best mental health books for kids
Help your child improve their wellbeing with these brilliant books about difficult feelings and positive mental health.
Helping girls navigate friendships
Helping your daughter with girl friendships
Mean girls or BFFs? Clinical psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin shares her advice on helping your daughter cope with the ups and downs of friendships.
Play for primary school children
Why play matters to primary school children
In school and out, play is an important part of every child’s life. We asked child psychotherapists and play experts to explain how imaginative and structured play helps your child learn, develop and grow and offer tips to help support playful learning at home.
Back to school after homeschooling
Supporting your child’s return to school
If your child is going back to school after a period of homeschooling, it’s natural for you both to be nervous. Read our top tips for easing the transition back to the classroom.
Safe video calling for kids
Communicating online: how to keep your child safe
Worried about whether apps like Zoom and Houseparty are safe for your primary school child? Here’s our advice, with help from internet security experts ESET.
Supporting a child with special educational needs during difficult times
Helping a child with special educational needs navigate change
If your child with SEN is struggling with changes to their daily routine, read our advice on helping them cope during challenging times.
Supporting summer-born children at primary school
Supporting summer-born children at school
Your child’s birthdate could make a big difference to how they manage at primary school. We asked the experts about the potential impact, and how you can help your child thrive.
The parents’ guide to safe gaming
The parents’ guide to safe gaming
How can you make sure your child plays safely online? Read our parents' guide to safe gaming for primary-school children for expert tips to help you manage the risks.
Movie age ratings: a parents' guide
A parent’s guide to movie age ratings
Planning a family film night but not sure if the movie is suitable for everyone? Find out how film ratings are decided, why they're used and how relevant the classifications actually are in our parents' guide and make an informed decision about what film to watch next with the kids.
Children helping others with charity work
16 ways your child can make a difference to others
From donating outgrown shoes to planting trees, there are lots of ways for your child to support charities, help the environment and take care of their community. Here are few of our favourites.
Character education in primary school
What is primary school character education?
Schools have an important part to play in helping children become successful, well-rounded people. We take a look at what character education is all about.
Game age ratings: a guide for parents
Game age ratings and what they mean
There are a lot of great, child-friendly games out there and classifications are incredibly useful. Familiarising yourself with the labels is a great place to start to help your child have a safe and fun gaming experience.
Managing child's gaming and screen time
How much gaming is too much?
Every parent worries about the amount of time their kids spend gaming and it can be difficult to know what restrictions to put in place. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to parenting a gamer, but here are some tips to help you get the best out of their gaming time.
Sex and relationships education: parents' questions answered
Relationships and sex education: your FAQs answered
How is Relationships and Sex Education changing and why is it so controversial? We did a little digging and spoke to experts to help us debunk some of the myths surrounding RSE in primary school.
The Welsh ALN Act explained for parents
The Welsh ALN Act explained
From September 2020, new provision for special educational needs will come into force in Wales. We explain the new ALN Act.
Best apps for children with special educational needs
Best apps for children with special educational needs
If you're supporting a child with special educational needs, try these brilliant apps to help make life easier, at school and at home.
Encouraging kids' kindness
61 random acts of kindness for kids
In a world where so many people only look after themselves, help your child be a beacon of light with these lovely acts of compassion.
Teaching children empathy
Teaching children empathy
How can we raise kinder, more caring children? We asked the experts for their advice on helping our kids develop empathy.
Best wellbeing apps for kids
Best wellbeing apps for kids
With mental health issues on the rise amongst children, try these apps to help your child achieve inner calm.
How to raise a confident child
How to raise a confident child
Help your child grow in confidence and self-esteem with these practical tips.
Children using a tablet computer
Online safety rules every parent should follow
Do you worry that you're not doing enough to keep your child safe online? Are you overwhelmed by all the apps, games and websites they want to visit and despair of keeping on top of it all? Alicia Coad, founder of family messaging app ChatFOSS, offers her top online safety tips for busy parents.