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Hobbies and play

Child on climbing frame

Learning isn’t just about reading and doing sums! There are great learning opportunities that come from playing games and taking up new hobbies.

In this section of the site you’ll find ideas for hobbies your child might not have even considered and a whole range of games ideas – for indoors and outdoors and long car journeys, as well as useful tips on creating a space to play, playdate etiquette, and play safety.


Boy playing football
17 new hobbies to try this summer
It's time to take up a new hobby (or 30!). Make this summer your kids' most enjoyable ever with our list of new activities to try and love.
Children laughing
Why family games help positive behaviour
Traditional family games can help your child develop skills such as patience, respect, turn-taking, and being part of a team. So try these tips to make time for games in family life.
family having fun in car
Learning games to play on long car journeys
Going on a long car journey with the kids? Sick of hearing ‘are we nearly there yet?’ Banish boredom by trying some fun, educational games with your children.
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