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In this section of the site you can find out about the history curriculum for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and discover some great ways to get your child excited about history.

We also have ideas for some great excursions to historical attractions and even some no-sew history costumes (or brilliant kids' history costumes to buy!).

Plus, you can check out the Homework Gnome for every more great history topics.


Playmobil: Romans
13 of the best ways to get kids excited about history
We’re surrounded by history and heritage, and these books, games, toys and apps will make it come to life for children (and adults!) of all ages. Cook a Tudor treat, visit a virtual Roman London or read the diary of a war nurse – each activity is packed with information and details that create a real sense of being in the past. Start a life-long love of history and its treasures today!
Historical dressing up
Kids' historical costumes to buy
Planning ahead for Victorian day at school? Looking for an easy evacuee costume or a Roman centurion outfit? From Stone Age to suffragettes and Sixties fashion, we've picked a selection of the best historical costumes to buy for kids.
Child in Viking costume
15 no-sew history costumes
Another week, another costume… that’s the way it feels sometimes! Non-crafty mum Phoebe Doyle has some no-sew, no-stress ideas to help you create a simple, effective costume for History Week at school, whether your child needs to look medieval, prehistoric or Victorian.


Primary and secondary sources worksheet
Primary and secondary sources
How do we find out about the past? What evidence is available to us, and how can we research events that happened over 100 years ago? This worksheet will help your child develop an understanding of the passing of time and encourage them to think historically.
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Check out the Homework Gnome for more great history topics

We've got lots of information on key history topics that are taught in Primary School in the Homework Gnome section of the site. For starters, have a look at these:

Meet some famous people from history

Check out the Homework Gnome for more about these well-known individuals: