Kids' historical costumes to buy

Historical dressing up
Planning ahead for Victorian day at school? Looking for an easy evacuee costume or a Roman centurion outfit? Need to find a dressing-up solution for your eager Viking warrior, Anglo-Saxon scholar or Georgian lady? From Stone Age to suffragettes and Sixties fashion, we've picked a selection of the best historical costumes to buy for kids.
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Prehistoric costumes for kids

Stone Age boy costume

Stone Age boy costume

£13.50, Amazon
Stone Age girl

Stone Age girl

£19.95, Party Packs

Ancient Greek costumes for kids

Grecian girl costume

Grecian girl

£14.99, Amazon

Egyptian costumes for kids

Egyptian Pharoah costume

Egyptian Pharoah

£17, Amazon
Egyptian girl costume

Egyptian girl

£9.72, Amazon

Roman costumes for kids

Roman boy costume

Roman boy

£9.99, Amazon
Roman girl costume

Roman girl

£8.99, Party Delights
Roman centurion costume

Roman centurion

£11.99, Amazon
Roman legionary costume

Roman legionary

£10.99, Mega Fancy Dress

Viking costumes for kids

Viking warrior costume

Viking warrior

£26.99, Amazon
Viking princess costume

Viking princess

£14.50, Amazon
Viking girl costume

Viking girl

£19.95, Pretend to Bee
Viking man costume

Viking man

£10.59, Amazon

Anglo Saxon costumes for kids

Saxon girl costume

Saxon girl

£22.95, Amazon
Saxon boy costume

Saxon boy

£11, Amazon
Saxon man costume

Saxon man

£22.95, Pretend to Bee
Saxon woman costume

Saxon woman

£13, Amazon

Tudor costumes for kids

Tudor man costume

Tudor man

£13.98, Amazon
Tudor boy costume

Tudor boy

£15, Amazon
Tudor lady costume

Tudor lady

£15.49, Mega Fancy Dress

Elizabethan costumes for kids

Elizabethan man costume

Elizabethan man

£21, Amazon
Elizabethan woman costume

Elizabethan woman

£13.99, Ebay

Native American costumes for kids

Native American girl costume

Native American girl

£13.99, Euro Costumes

Georgian costumes for kids

Georgian lady costume

Georgian lady

£8.03, Amazon
Georgian man costume

Georgian man

£17, Amazon

Victorian costumes for kids

Victorian maid costume

Victorian maid

£10.99, a2z Kids
Victorian boy costume

Victorian boy

£19.99, Amazon
Victorian gentleman costume

Victorian gentleman

£7.99, Amazon
Victorian lady costume

Victorian lady

£19.99, Amazon

Edwardian costumes for kids

Suffragette costume


£13.49, Mega Fancy Dress
Edwardian gentleman costume

Edwardian gentleman

£10.10, Amazon

WWI costumes for kids

WWI soldier costume

WWI soldier

£21, Amazon
WWI nurse costume

WWI nurse

£10.89, Amazon

WWII costumes for kids

WWII soldier costume

WWII soldier

£14.99, Party Delights
WWII RAF girl costume


£14.99, Party Delights
WWII evacuee girl costume

WWII evacuee girl

£14.49, Mega Fancy Dress
WWII evacuee boy costume

WWII evacuee boy

£14.49, Mega Fancy Dress
WWII Home Front costume

WWII Home Front

£23, Theatrical Threads
WWII Land Girl costume

WWII Land Girl

£11.99, Mega Fancy Dress

Famous people / historical figures costumes for kids

Cleopatra costume for kids


£17.95, Pretend to Bee
Guy Fawkes costume for kids

Guy Fawkes

£7.99, Amazon
Elizabeth I costume for kids

Elizabeth I

£15.39, Amazon
Queen Victoria costume for kids

Queen Victoria

£19, Amazon
Henry VIII costume for kids

Henry VIII

£21.95, Pretend to Bee
Florence Nightingale costume for kids

Florence Nightingale

£21.95, Amazon
Boudica costume for kids


£12.73, Amazon
William Shakespeare costume for kids

William Shakespeare

£14.99, Amazon