Year 1 Maths

Year 1 child writing numbers

During Year 1 your child will get to grips with maths in a very hands-on way, investigating, counting, playing number games and using everyday objects to help them solve problems and do simple calculations.

You can support them at home with our Year 1 maths worksheets, covering all the core skills they are acquiring such as using number lines, simple addition and subtraction, money, doubling and halving, telling the time to the hour and half hour, measuring, naming 2D and 3D shapes and collecting and recording data.


Plastic numbers
Year 1 maths: what your child learns
Your guide to what your child will learn in maths now they’ve reached Key Stage 1.
7 key areas for Year 1 home learning
7 key areas for supporting your Year 1 child with maths and English
Primary-school teacher, education writer and mum of three Phoebe Duffy highlights the key skills children learn in Year 1, and how you support their learning at home.
Number square
What is a number square?
Do you know what a number square is and what to do with one? Here’s our parents' guide to everything you need to know about this primary-school maths aid so you can support your child when they’re working with to add and subtract in Key Stage 1.


Year 1 2D Shapes Quiz
Year 1 2D Shapes Quiz
Which shape am I? Your child can use the clues on this fun quiz sheet to identify the main 2D shapes. Answers are provided.
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Use string to measure
Use string to measure
This practical and fun activity will enable your child to measure the snakes with string and compare the lengths using mathematical language.
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Number bonds to 20 crossword
Number bonds to 20 crossword
Colour the pairs of numbers that make 20 in the same colour. Try to use a different colour for each pair. What do you notice? Now use these bonds to find the answers to the crossword.
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Counting from 51 to 100 tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to count from 51 to 100. Then have a go yourself!
Recognising 2D shapes tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to recognise 2D shapes, then to check you've got it, see if you can answer the online questions she asks!
Telling the time to the hour tutorial
Our digital teacher is showing Molly how to tell the time to the hour. Can you help?
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Year 1 Maths Booster pack
Year 1 Maths Booster Pack

Maths revision – the fun way! Our Year 1 Maths Booster pack covers all the main maths topics your child will learn in the first year of KS1 to help them practise their skills. Use the colourful worksheets to boost your child's confidence with number bonds, telling the time, simple addition and subtraction and first story problems, or try some of the suggested extension activities to consolidate what they've learnt at school.

Year 1 Maths Learning Journey

Discover a unique Year 1 Maths Learning Journey programme

The Year 1 Maths Learning Journey programme contains 40 worksheets that roughly match the order that your child is being taught topics at school during the year. Work through them in order to be sure your child keeps up with all the core areas of learning they need to have mastered by the end of Year 1 or, if you are a subscriber, we'll send you an email every Wednesday with recommendations for a Year 1 maths worksheet to complete that week. There are also 24 fun worksheets that we'll send you during the school holidays!

Year 1 Maths Progress Check
Year 1 Maths Progress check

Want to know if your child's Year 1 learning is on track? Get your child to work through the Year 1 Maths Progress check and you'll be instantly be able to see where there are gaps in their knowledge.