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Year 1 maths Progress checks

Y1 maths Progress checks, TheSchoolRun
From counting to counting in tens, adding and subtracting on a number line, recognising coin values and identifying 2D and 3D coins – in Y1 your child's numeracy education steps up a level and becomes more structured. Review their understanding of the fundamental concepts with our Progress checks and identify any areas where they might benefit from extra maths practice, games and support at home.
Keystage:  KS1, Year 1

Written by a KS1 teacher to help you identify any areas of Y1 maths your child is finding tricky, the Y1 maths Progress checks will suggest topics to practise at home.

Each term’s maths test consists of 20 questions and a total of 20 marks. Allow your child around 20 minutes to complete the test.

The Progress checks are designed to follow TheSchoolRun's Learning Journey for that particular term. Please note: they cannot and will not necessarily follow what your child’s teacher is doing at school this week / term, as teachers tend to choose to cover objectives in an order that they feel suits their class. Therefore, don’t worry if your child cannot complete certain questions; the point of the Progress checks is to help parents identify where children might need extra help and practice.

Y1 maths objectives explained

By the end of the school year children should be confident with the following:

Y1 number and place value

  • Counting up to 100 forwards and backwards
  • Reading and writing numbers up to 100
  • Reading and writing numbers up to 20 in words
  • Counting on and back in twos, fives and tens
  • Using a number line to put numbers in the correct order
  • Recognising patterns in numbers and odd and even numbers
  • Estimating amounts of objects and then counting to check

Y1 calculating

  • Completing addition and subtraction calculations using a number line
  • Learning number bonds to 20
  • Recognising mathematical words and symbols
  • Using money – paying and giving change
  • Doubling and halving
  • Finding a quarter of a quantity
  • Working out multiplication and division questions using objects to group or share out

Y1 measuring

  • Telling the time to the hour and half hour
  • Putting the days of the week and months of the year in order
  • Measuring length, weight and capacity and comparing these measurements

Y1 geometry

  • Recognising, naming and describing common 2D and 3D shapes
  • Using shapes to make patterns, models and pictures
  • Describing whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns

Our parents' guide explains everything you need to know about what your child learns in Year 1 maths. You can also look through all our Y1 maths worksheets or follow our step-by-step Learning Journey for Y1 maths.