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Dyscalculia is a dysfunction in a person’s ability to understand or work with quantitative or spatial information. It is predominantly concerned with numbers and arithmetic.

If you think your child has dyscalculia you’ll find information here on how to identify dyscalculia and support your child with dyscalculia at home.


Child writing numbers on whiteboard
Dyscalculia explained
How can you tell if your child has dyscalculia? TheSchoolRun takes a look at this mathematical difficulty and suggests ways to support your child with their learning.
Maths learning
Does my child have dyscalculia?
What are the signs to look out for if you think your child might have dyscalculia or 'number blindness', and what can be done to help?
Child completing maths paper
7 strategies to help defeat children’s fear of maths
What does it mean if your child has a fear of maths, and what can you do to help them get over it? TheSchoolRun offers a step-by-step plan to help you boost your child's confidence – and your own.
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