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Is your child dyslexic or do you suspect they might be? 

In this section of the site you’ll find lots of information and advice to help you support your dyslexic child, including recognising the signs of dyslexia, getting the right support for children with dyslexia, understanding how dyslexia impacts learning and homework tips for children with dyslexia.

You'll also discover tips to help your dyslexic child love reading and benefit from technology.


Father and son reading
How dyslexia affects reading
From difficulty with phonics to ‘dancing’ letters, dyslexic children may face extra challenges when they're learning to read. We explain how you can support their learning at home.
Child reading
How dyslexia is identified
You think your child may be dyslexic, but how can you really be sure when they’re still quite young? Teacher and parent coach Glynis Kozma gives a few pointers for early identification.
Girl writing in exercise book
7 common dyslexia questions answered
If your child is dyslexic you'll want to help them get the support they need at school and at home. Dr John Rack, Head of Research, Development and Policy at Dyslexia Action, answers common questions about dyslexia identification, homework and tutoring and suggests sources of further information and advice to help you help your child.
Also see:

Dyslexia toolkit

The Dyslexia Toolkit for Parents

Make sure your child gets the very best opportunities to succeed and flourish with this practical toolkit of checklists, templates and make-or-break advice.

The Dyslexia Toolkit for Parents is an e-toolkit of practical resources that you will be able to pull out over the coming years to support and assist you through the various challenges of dealing with the schools, the authorities... and the many decisions you will have to make in order to best help your child.

With step-by-step advice and real-life case studies throughout, this lifesaver of a resource will tell you exactly what you need to be doing, exactly what you should expect, and what to do if you're not getting it.

Resources and support for dyslexia

TheSchoolRun's Resources and support for dyslexia learning pack, exclusive to TheScholRun subscribers, offers a complete overview of dyslexia for parents, from diagnosis to at-home support strategies and links to further resources and advice. Included in the pack, available for instant download, are:

  • The key signs of dyslexia in primary-school children
  • Details of how dyslexia is identified
  • A step-by-step action plan to help you work in partnership with your child's school to get them the support they need
  • Homework tips for dyslexic learners
  • A list of organisations who can offer support and expert advice
  • 99 ways to help your dyslexic child love books and reading
  • Worksheets compiled by a dyslexia tutor to help your child practise key skills at home