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Resources and support for dyslexia

Resources and support for dyslexia pack
What is dyslexia? Who does it affect and what are the key signs a child might be dyslexic? The Resources and support for dyslexia pack offers a complete overview, from how dyslexia is identified to at-home support strategies, expert tips to encourage a love of reading and links to further resources and advice.

If your child is having trouble in school because they can't read, write or spell as well as the other children in their class you will be concerned and may suspect that they could have a learning difficulty. The Resources and support for dyslexia pack will offer you a first overview of this special educational need, including:

  • The key signs of dyslexia in primary-school children
  • Details of how dyslexia is assessed
  • A step-by-step action plan to help you work in partnership with your child's school to get them the support they need
  • Homework tips for dyslexic learners
  • A list of organisations who can offer support and expert advice
  • 99 ways to help your dyslexic child love books and reading
  • Worksheets compiled by a dyslexia tutor to help your child practise key skills at home 

You'll find more dyslexia advice and information on TheSchoolRun.

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