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Year 3

Year 3 child in classroom

Now your Year 3 child is in Key Stage 2, how can you support their learning at home and ensure they are reaching their full potential? 

Boost Year 3 skills & confidence

In this section, you'll find teacher-created worksheets and fun interactive tutorials to support Year 3 English, Year 3 maths and Year 3 science learning and covering core Year 3 topics, including times tables, partitioning, non-fiction texts and grammar

You can also keep Year 3 learning on track with comprehensive Y3 English, Y3 maths and Y3 science programmes and discover engaging Year 3 activities to make supporting learning at home is child's play not a chore!


Group of year 3 pupils
How your Year 3 child develops
As your child moves from infants to juniors, how will they develop and change in Year 3?
Student in a Year 3 classroom
What your child learns in Year 3 maths, English and science
Starting Year 3 also means entering a new Key Stage. Read on to find out what your child’s maths, English and science lessons will be like, and how they can keep up their studies outside of school with free Year 3 worksheets.
Year 3 home learning: 7 key areas to focus on
Supporting your Year 3 child's learning at home
We all want to support our children's learning in the best way possible, so we asked mum-of-three Phoebe Duffy, an experienced primary school teacher and education writer, what to focus on with your Year 3 child to ensure that you're consolidating what they're working on at school.


Adding three digit numbers using column addition tutorial
Adding three digit numbers using column addition tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to add three digit numbers using column addition, then try a few on-screen addition questions using this method.
Subtracting a tens number from a three digit number tutorial
Subtracting a tens number from a three digit number tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to subtract a three digit number from a tens number. Then, when you're feeling confident, try and answer her on-screen questions.
Multiplying a two digit number by a one digit number tutorial
Multiplying a two digit number by a one digit number tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number. Then she's going to ask you some questions, to check you've got the hang of it!


Reading comprehension: storyboarding worksheet
Reading comprehension: storyboarding
Read this story about ‘Arachne the Spinner’. Can you complete a storyboard? Draw a picture to show what is happening in each part of the story and write a short sentence underneath to explain it.
Venn diagram puzzle worksheet
Venn diagram puzzle
This Venn diagram has been filled in but there are no rules at the top. What do you think the rules could be?
Y3 problem-solving: addition worksheet
Y3 problem-solving: addition
Use this teacher-created worksheet to help your Year 3 child practise their problem-solving skills with addition. Can you solve these tricky word problems using your addition skills?
Also see:

Y3 booster

Year 3 Booster packs in English and Maths

Keep your child's numeracy learning on track with the Year 3 Maths Booster pack. Partitioning practice, timed challenges and problem-solving – there's a different activity to help practise everything they've learnt in school in the first year of KS2 and help them relate maths to everyday life.

Help your child's imagination soar – and then recount their adventures on paper! The Year 3 English Booster pack will help them revise punctuation, persuasive text and more, but there are plenty of encounters with witches and conversations with elephants in the garden to keep them interested along the way.

LJ graphic

Year 3 Learning Journey programme

Over the course of the school year, the Year 3 English Learning Journey programme and Year 3 Maths Learning Journey will cover all the key topics in the curriculum. By following the programme of two worksheets a week, you’ll quickly be able to spot any topics that your child hasn't fully grasped and reinforce learning that is happening in the classroom at home. Your child will feel more confident in their own abilities and you’ll know you are giving your child the very best chance of succeeding in school.

And if you want to know if your child's learning is on track, just get them to take the Year 3 Maths Progress check or Year 3 English Progress check. The checks are designed to help you understand if your child has grasped key areas of literacy and numeracy for Y3, and to help you identify any topics they might need more practice with. Three tests, each tailored to one of the school terms, are included, as well as answers to help you evaluate your child's work.

Book gnome
Homework Gnome – for all your topic homework

In Year 3, your child will cover some core learning areas of history and geography. For many of these topic-areas, you'll find top facts, timelines, did you knows, pictures, videos and more, in the Homework Gnome. Why not check out the following: