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Design and technology


In this section you can find out about how D&T is taught in primary school and the requirements of the primary curriculum in EYFS design and technology, KS1 design and technology, KS2 design and technology and KS3 D&T. To encourage your child at home, you can have a go at model building, making a telephone, a pinwheel or a spinning top game.


Design and technology projects
5 at-home design and technology projects for primary children
Design and technology is part of the national curriculum. Teacher and parent Phoebe Doyle offers some practical D&T project ideas and suggestions to help your child get hands-on, boost their confidence and have fun (and make mess!) with materials at home.
Boy building with blocks
Best construction toys for kids
Want to develop your child’s problem-solving skills, understanding of physics and fine motor control (essential for handwriting)? Time to get out the building blocks! We pick eight of the best construction toy sets for budding engineers, architects and designers.
Best design and technology home schooling resources
Best design and technology home schooling resources
Make, build, code, construct, design, invent and engineer – each of these websites is packed with design and technology learning to keep your child learning, testing and creating at home.


Make a telephone
Make a telephone
Have fun with your child whilst they learn more about sound and its properties.
Make a pinwheel activity
Make a pinwheel
Making a pinwheel will help your child understand air power, as well as offering a great opportunity for a spot of decoration. You'll need a push pin or straight pin and a pencil with a rubber on the end as well as our pinwheel template.
Make a spinning top game activity
Make a spinning top game
This activity encourages your child to explore probability, by answering questions on some given results and then making their own spinning top.
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