What our subscribers say...

If you'd like to subscribe to TheSchoolRun but want to find out what others think first, here is some of the feedback we've received from parents who use TheSchoolRun site to support their children's learning at home...

And the survey said...

Some of you will have completed a reader survey we recently sent out. Well, the results are in and they're great!

95% of users gave TheSchoolRun 4 or 5 stars.

These are just a few of the comments that our survey respondents made:

'I have recommended to two other parents, who both joined up after the trial period. The learning worksheets and easy explanations are some of the straight forward answers that you never seem to get when you go into school and ask. Makes the whole learning year very frustrating if you are unclear what is expected. TheSchoolRun absolutely explains everything in enough details that we all understand, please don't stop doing this, it makes things soooo simple!'

'A brilliant tool which comes in handy to improve or follow what's taught in school.'

'Excellent value, a must in a child's life if you want them to succeed.'

‘My daughter is only in Reception at the moment but the worksheets I have been able to print for her are brilliant. I made a pack of them and took them on the plane when we went on holiday. She absolutely loved them. A couple of times whilst on holiday she came up to me and said “Mummy I`m just going to do my work”.’

'Extra resources without the need of a tutor.'

'Some of the most enjoyable experiences was the Learning Journey which my child undertook and the Homework Gnome which I found to play a vital role in achieving grades which I would never believe my child to have ever obtained. Just the mere thought of logging on to TheSchoolRun used to put a smile on my child and my pupils' faces and it was a very heart-filling experience to witness it.'

'I will definitely state the following:- 1. Very good worksheets. Worksheets definitely served the purpose. Our son found the sheets easy to interpret and we were able to correctly assess his capabilities. This helped us to encourage him to focus on the required improvement areas. I will emphasise to other parents and strongly recommend them to give the website a try. 2. Excellent Customer Services team. They are highly professional at the same time very considerate in accessing client needs. I will state same to parents highlighting my personal experience.'

'The resources are excellent. Everyone I have told about the website has joined.'

'Thank you for the bottom of my heart for helping mums prepare their children in the best possible way :-)’

‘Before Christmas we were informed our son was tracking behind at maths, even though we had tried various methods to help him. Once we started using TheSchoolRun he improved no end. The worksheets and useful parent tips make it so easy for them to learn. So much so that he finished the year ahead!! The results speak for themselves. One happy mum from York.’

'I personally don't recommend it as it may put me out of a job!!'

'Everything I have downloaded has been invaluable.'

'The Learning Journey is great. There is so much availalbe on the website so if you are lost, start with the Learning Journey and progress checks and take it from there.'

'TheSchoolRun is a phenomenal website and just the mention of it to my students can bring a smile to children's faces. In addition the Homework Gnome section is outstanding with a variety of helpful resources within itself and the Learning Journey has increased my child's level from 2c to 3a at KS1 level within a period of a year so thanks a lot.'

'TheSchoolRun is a brilliant resources for parents of children with all abilities. The packs for parents to explain what our children will learn in the coming year and how we can help our child progress have been valuable. The worksheets are set out as to make learning fun and helps boost children's confidence.'

About the site in general...

'I genuinely don't know what I would do without TheSchoolRun. Every day when my son gets home he downloads his day and if he mentions anything like 'chunking' or 'adverbial phrases' I am straight on to your site to check what he means! I'm using it at least four times a week. Superb resource – keep up the excellent work.' – Claire, Kent

'Brilliant website. Has all the information I need about what is being taught at school and how it's being taught. The worksheets are in line with what the kids are learning in school.' – Survey respondent

'Wow you constantly keep exceeding my expectations thank you!’ – Kimberly, London

'Your site is an absolute life saver and my son is already reaping the rewards.' – Miss Jamieson, Hove

'TheSchoolRun has saved me countless times when I am confused as to how to help my children on a number of topics. My maths has also improved tremendously due to the simple and fun way employed by TheSchoolRun to teach seemingly complex topics. I can't thank you enough. My children and I are blessed with the discovery of the site. It is our magic wand to excellence.' – Oyebola

'Of all the resources we searched last year, TheSchoolRun became our "go to" site.' – Ruth, Worcestershire

'I think the website is fantastic and a great resource to helping children learn - I've recommended it to everyone I know.' – Gurpreet, London

'I had looked at many sites before I finally subscribed to TheSchoolRun. Your site really is a cut above the rest. It is thorough and follows a straight-forward structure for parents who can become overwhelmed by the variety of resources and which they should be using to complement and build on learning at school.' – Tasleema, Birmingham

'TheSchoolRun is a comprehensive toolkit to support children and parents through Key Stage 1 and 2, setting children up to be successful at senior school.' – Survey respondent

'We are absolutely loving TheSchool Run and can't believe the amount of resources you have made accessible to us at the click of a button. Means more valuable time spent helping the girls with areas they are struggling with instead of wasting time searching the Internet!' – Bernie, Saudi Arabia

'Thanks so much for such an amazing website. You have helped us so much.' – Fiona, Kent

'From my initial use of the site I must say that it is marvellous. My son, who is a nightmare to get to do any work, has actually been very enthusiastic about the worksheets.' - Kim, Pinner

'I find TheSchoolRun a useful source of information with regards to what my girls are or will be learning in each school year and this helps guide what type of work we do at home.'  – Survey respondent

‘I have just taken advantage of the excellent 14-day trial for £1.97 and am so far very impressed with the resources available and the website design!’ – Alan, Cheshire

– Survey respondent, November 2016

'It has been so great and rewarding for me and my daughters to have subscribed to your website. Your website is very relevant, accurate and up to date.’ – Saidat, Manchester

'It is an excellent resource for researching any part of the curriculum (maths and English) and clearly shows me how things are taught so that I can replicate the method at home. It means I am helping my child, not confusing her.' – Survey respondent

'I must take the opportunity to say how fabulous the website is. My children always have something to do!!' – Angela, Lancashire

‘You are helping me take control of my child's education, and giving her the opportunity to get better results.’ – Cassie, Greater Manchester

'I am finding this website to be an amazing resource I wish I had known about earlier!' – Nedie, Nicosia

'I have just discovered your fabulous website. I am a Foster Carer and do a lot of work with each child placed with me to improve their achievements at school, so far with great results. Finding your website is going to help enormously, ensuring I always follow the curriculum and use the correct language but also helping me to refresh my memory too!' - Kate, Foster Carer, Southwark

'I’ve loved TheSchoolRun website and have recommended it to many of my friends. It has been an invaluable resource and I’m struggling to come up with any suggestions to improve it. Thank you.’  – Debbie, Twickenham

'A fantastic source of information that is helpful and up-to-date.' – Survey respondent

'There is just so much stuff on TheSchoolRun website that it would take me a week to write a more comprehensive review ... There’s tons of stuff on there to help with homework, handwriting, maths, science… You get the idea. Just tons of stuff, and full of expert advice too ... I loved all the handwriting help on this site, and I’ve read just about every article, watched every video, and listened to many OTs about how to help with handwriting, but there was stuff on here that was brand new to me ... We’ve downloaded at least one sheet a week from the maths area to complete my daughter’s homework. They are so visually appealing ... Her teacher has remarked on how well she’s been doing with her homework and it’s not nearly so much of a battle getting her to do one or two of these sheets a week as it was before we had TheSchoolRun in our lives.' – Read the full reivew at Dyspraxia Kids

'I fully endorse TheSchoolRun's vision and feel the range of activity types/presentation provides something for every type of learner (even the most "distracted'). Here's to many years of continuing to plant the seeds of enjoyable and progressive learning!'  – Sue

– Survey respondents, November 2016

‘Let me tell you that your website is the best one for primary school I have come across. I love everything about it and your worksheets are simple, colourful and help me a lot with my daughter at home. So, A BIG THANK YOU!!!’ – Mrs Finch, West Sussex

‘Thank you for such a such an excellent service, my son is thoroughly enjoying it all!’ – Clare, Suffolk

‘My younger son did not understand "time" when they moved on from it in class, but I was able to use your worksheets to make sure that he could work it out at his own pace.’ – Lynn, Colchester

'I have recommended and will continue to recommend it as it is a fantastic site.' – Karen, Doncaster

'With the extra help he's been getting, his maths has now come on amazingly!' Find out what Michele did to transform her son's maths performance...

‘Great site by the way. Very useful.’ – Rachel, Halifax

‘I think the school run has some excellent material. I wish I had found you before my children had gone to secondary school.’ –  Kara, London

‘This is a fab website and has helped my 8-year-old immensely.’ – Claire, Redditch

'I would like to say that yours is the best website that I have found for all my queries and I congratulate you and your team for creating this wonderful site.' – Beejal, Dubai

‘The site and work we have downloaded has been great and really useful. Thank you to you and your team for everything.’ – Karen, Cheshire

– Survey respondents, November 2016

‘I absolutely love this site and have used loads from it so am proud to be a member. Thanks for all the great information the site provides.’ – Victoria, Timperley

'One of their teachers even said to me: "I don’t know what you’re doing at home with your child, but it’s really showing in their progress at school!"'  Find out what Felicia was doing at home that prompted this praise from the class teacher...

‘Great website, articles, resources. Well worth getting the Lifetime subscription to keep in touch with everything education! I would love to see it go beyond primary school too!’ – Shreen, Wolverhampton

‘I am very impressed with the site – the quality of the downloadable material is fantastic.’ – Victoria, Uppingham

'What I've seen from the online site so far is really great. The clearest parent-friendly material I've seen.' – Emma, Buckinghamshire

– Survey respondent, November 2016

‘It is a great site and I will definitely recommend to anyone.' – Wendy, Devon

'Thank you very much, the site has been a great help to him during these last years.’ – Karen, Bungay, Suffolk

‘Your website is absolutely wonderful and through the years has grown to be better and better… keep up the great work!’ – Latifah, School Lifetime Subscriber

'We would just like to say how much we love your topics/homework help pages. We've looked at work my children are doing at school at the moment which for my 5year old is Homes and houses, and for my 8year old he's just finished a project on Egypt and now he's learning about the Rainforest.' – Caroline, Nottingham

‘Thank you so much for your kind intervention. Your website is incredibly helpful & beneficial for my daughters. You have been very kind and I am feeling very relieved! Thank you so much again.' – Brenda, Beckenham, Kent

‘I really enjoy using the site and have learned a surprising amount from the competitions and articles. Thank you again.’  – Susan, Yeovil

'I think your site and the huge amount of material on there is great. It's been really reassuring to have such a lot of information available whenever I need it.' – Shelley, Wokingham

'I spent all the summer holidays looking for a site like yours!  Now I've found you. It's all really excellent. I have paid to join, and have spent all morning happily printing out lovely colourful worksheets for my 6 year old son's Half-Term Diary! He'll be so happy.' – Karen, Teddington

‘I wanted to thank you for your support and help throughout my son’s learning journey. Thank you.’ – Gulbahor, Sheffield

'Your site has been invaluable to me and my children –  I have lost count of the worksheets printed.' – Kim, Aylesbury

'I had long run out of ideas to tackle my daughter’s need for knowledge and she was bored at school but we have been able to access work at her own rate which she has loved and is now working at a level expected for two years higher than she is so thank you.' – Sam

'I like TheSchoolRun as it has such a wealth of information relating to many topics, with the child always at the centre... My children have responded well to the worksheets, which present simple exercises in a new way. My son especially likes to feel that he can do all the exercises and this is building his confidence. Keep up the good work!'  – Cheryl

'Homework gnome is brilliant I used it with my son to research a volcano and my son thoroughly enjoyed the activities. It`s a great resource for parents like myself to utilise in supporting our children`s learning through imaginative and engaging activities.' – Survey respondent

'I really like the detailed explanation of how to approach teaching my child and ways to help them improve in areas they are struggling with.' – Survey respondent

'I think the tailored worksheets focusing on an area of interest - i.e. football - are good as it enables me to overcome my son`s initial resistance to do work. He has found the maths sheets very helpful and I now plan to use it with my reception age daughter too.' – Survey respondent

'As a parent it can be a mindfield especially with changes to the curriculum. TheSchoolRun is a place were you can see whats happening and get some great resources to help.’ – Survey respondent

– Survey respondents, November 2016

'I used the free english worksheets extensively with my son when we were living in Italy (until he was nearly 10) to help him with his English reading and writing - he came back with a reading age of 15!' – Survey respondent

'My children enjoy the worksheets - they are fun and quick to do thereby keeping their attention. I use TheSchoolRun to find out how to help them with particular learning issues, especially maths techniques.' – Survey respondent

'The content is easy to find. There is great variety and has prepared my child to advance within weeks. In a space of one week my child has the confidence now and can recollect all 12 times tables a great achivement in such a short time - thank you!!!!' – Survey respondent

'As a working mum with 4 children, it is great to have access to free resources to both enhance and reinforce my children`s learning.' – Survey respondent

'The progress checks are fantastic for identifying gaps in my pupil`s learning.' – Survey respondent

'The worksheets are superb. The colourful production makes them attractive to the children and the pre-question summaries easy for a child to understand. Each sheet is managable in terms of quantity of questions. As an ex-teacher ... I hope you keep expanding the collection.' – Survey respondent

– Survey respondent, November 2016

'The worksheets are great to enhance the homework we get from school. They are simple to use and great that they are specific to each age range.' – Survey respondent

'The additional and fun challenges have helped my son exceed in his schooling.' – Survey respondent

'I regularly recommend the website to other parents and teachers at my son's school. The worksheets and booklets are fantastic and the weekly emails keep you on track with what is expected of children.' – Survey respondent

'Thank you very much for all the wonderful resources that have been very useful over the last year.' – Monica, Etchinghill, Kent

About our SATs and Phonics Screening Check resources...

'I am forever grateful for this amazing website and the team of course. My son scored 40/40 in his phonics assessment test in Year 1 and we used all the practice tests from the site. He was speech delayed and quite behind in Reception, but the easy-to-use and targeted worksheets in line with the curriculum helped him a lot and he is now one of the brightest kids in his class in Year 2.' – Musfirah, Kent

‘Your site has been fantastic for my year 6 son getting him through his SATs.’ – Marie, Welwyn Garden City

'I have found TheSchoolRun very helpful throughout the primary years and would like to thank you for all the useful resources that you have provided over the years. It was a stressful time last year with the new spec Year 6 SATs and I don't know how I would have managed without the TheSchoolRun.' - Fahmida, Wembley

'TheSchoolRun is amazing and has helped my kids tremendously over the years since we opened the account.  We found the subscription extremely helpful when our children were in the state school sector as it mirrored the work covered in class by their teachers. TheSchoolRun helped my kids gain good grades in SATS and the Phonics Assessments and I still recommend my friends to use it and will continue to do so in the future!' – Candy, Gloucestershire

'TheSchoolRun was invaluable to us with our older daughter when, 6 weeks from KS2 SATs, we needed to research the maths and English curriculum to identify gaps in her learning that we could help to fill.' – Survey respondent

'The website you have is brilliant. Last year our son had his phonics test and got 40/40. I feel if it wasn’t for the material you provide, he wouldn't have achieved this score on his own.' – Kevin & Kate, Wolverhampton

'I subscribed to TheSchoolRun.com when I was working in an international school in Tanzania, East Africa so we could have access to your fantastic practise SATs papers. I did also use these with my daughter (Year 2). I have found all your resources to be very helpful and useful.’ Carol, Birmingham

Nick's son ended up getting amazing results on his Key Stage 2 SATs. Find out what his parents did to help him surpass all expectations...

'We found TheSchoolRun collateral very useful, timely, fun and relevant for our Y6 child. He went on to attain superb SATs results, with all the hard work definitely making a huge difference.’ – Neil , Warrington

'After [The Phonics Screening Check] the teacher came up to me in the playground and told me he’d had his test. She said she couldn’t tell me how many he’d got right just then but he did really well … really well!' Find out more about how Sarah's son achieved amazing marks in his Phonics Screening Check...

‘Thank you for all your support. It was very beneficial for my daughter and helped her to get some really good results in her SATs .’ – Samina, Birmingham

'Their teacher was very pleased with their results, and particularly impressed by the improvement they’d made and the girls were really proud of themselves.' Discover how Anina got this great feedback about her daughters KS1 SATs....

'I've found this resource really useful and thought it was brilliant in the run up to the SATS.' – Susan, Nottingham

'It has been invaluable to help us to understand Phonics. My daughter passed her phonics test with flying colours and i attribute this to the help from TheSchooRun.' – Survey respondent

'Just like to say TheSchoolRun is a fantastic establishment and it is very good learning tool for kids. My kids love the examples and topics that you have available and the past papers are excellent.' – Tahir, Old Woking, Surrey

– Survey respondent, November 2016

'The KS1 SAT downloads were really good to help me understand what the papers were like and what style of questions my daughter would have. This helped me to work with her to prepare for her SATs.' – Survey respondent

'The preparation for SATs was invaluable and I would recommend anyone with a child coming up to doing them to have a look at it.' – Survey respondent

About our 11+ Programme

'A parent following the 11+ Programme on TheSchoolRun could easily cover everything required, in a systematic way, and feel confident that they aren't missing anything.  Where TheSchoolRun adds the real value is in delivering exactly what people need, in a targeted way, so that people need only look at one resource rather than worrying if they are buying the right materials.' – Alison, Kent

'I loved that the 11+ Programme built up each skill slowly but you knew that everything would be covered by the end.' Find out how following the 11+ Learning Journey programme helped Christine's daughter pass the 11+ test and get into the school of her choice

'You would imagine that TheSchoolRun's weekly countdown to the 11+ would send you into a crazed frenzy every Friday, but surprisingly, it takes the uninitiated by the hand and gently guides you through unchartered waters with calm serenity. The activity sheets are superbly structured to introduce your child to the myriad of question types likely to appear in the test and how best to approach them. There are useful tips, game suggestions and colourful activity sheets to stimulate and encourage the student. The weekly installments demystify the unknown & by the end of the journey, you feel like a well versed traveller no longer lost in the 11+ wilderness.' – Jenny, mum to Farrah, aged 10

'Thank you so much for your help over the last year. My daughter has taken her 11+ and has thoroughly enjoyed your workbooks. Your help has made an arduous task fun, she's looked forward to it each week.' – Juliette, Warwickshire

From teachers and home schoolers...

Sarah Bailey is Head at Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy, St Leonards-on-Sea

‘I have subscribed to TheSchoolRun and it looks great! I am home educating my two daughters and I think this site will definitely help them with their learning.’ – Nicola, home-schooling mum, West Midlands

'I would like to say what an amazing website you have created with fantastic resources, I currently teach Year 1 and your resources have been so helpful.' – Karen, Guisborough

‘Thank you very much. It proved to be an invaluable resource when I was homeschooling and worth every penny.’ – Isabel, Harrow

'You have an excellent website and if I were 40 years younger and a parent at the start of a parenting school journey I would certainly continue with my subscription. I am about to retire and my purpose in joining you was, as a head teacher, to point some of my parents towards your excellent resources to help them. Keep up the good work and be assured I will encourage my own children to take out subscriptions when our grandchildren reach school age.' – Peggy, Berkshire

– Survey respondent, November 2016

'I work as a TA in a primary school and was keen to check the site out before I recommended it to our parents. Needless to say I have highly recommended you. What a fab thing you guys have done. I know some parents are a little reluctant to do what they see as 'school stuff' at home and these are the ones I'm hoping to encourage to join up. I know others will love the resources.' – Helen, Northwich

'I am a teacher and I have subscribed because I find your activities very straightforward and give helpful explanations for my class to use. I have also forwarded your details to all of my parents in my class as they are keen to help their children. I will continue recommending your site to my parents as I have explained to them this site is a lot better than a tutor and also a lot cheaper!' – Jackie, Rowley Regis

– Survey respondent, November 2016

'I have found that you are a fantastic website and offer fantastic resources. The subscription that I have paid so far has been well worth it and I will highly recommend you to any one that may be interested.' – Mike, teacher from Isleworth, Middlesex

'I am assistant head teacher at a primary school in Derby and am impressed with the site and what it has to offer, as are colleagues at my school.' – David, Derby

'I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know how much I appreciate the info and stuff you have on your site. I love the resources that you have made available to people like me who want to learn more to help their students :)' – Taylor

'I have been using the school run for both my own child and resources as I am a TA in a primary school. It has been brilliant.’ – Alison, Cheshire

'I have found your site extremely useful… your resources are just fabulous!' – Leah, Student Teacher, Glengormley

'A brilliant website for both parents and teachers! lots of useful resources to use both at home and in the classroom.  As a supply teacher and home tutor it's helped me tremendously to access instant resources and information. A very colourful and user-friendly website, easy to navigate. Well worth a look!!' – Ravinder, Aspley, Nottingham

'I found TheSchoolRun invaluable whilst my children were educated at home.’ – N. Andrews, West Midlands.

'Love your website! it is just amazing! I am Primary Co-ordinator and Reception teacher in an English School in Cyprus and will be recommending your website and using it lots!' – Yvonne, Cyprus

'I use TheSchoolRun as a parent in the capacity of supporting my daughter. I am a qualified primary teacher and find the resources good value for money, appealing to different learning styles and set well for ability and enjoyment. I find the site full of useful tips and advice that I use as a mum and in my role as a teacher. The resources are easy to find and regular emails keep me informed.' – Liz

From grandparents...

‘TheSchoolRun resources have been extremely useful in the learning process of my grandchildren and they have enjoyed working with them. I'll certainly recommend your website to other members of my family and friends.’ – Askar, Slough, Berkshire

'TheSchoolRun helps to demystify the terminology currently used in schools so I can support my grandchild.' – Survey respondent

‘I am a grandmother who has worked with her two grandchildren using your material on numerous occasions over the last few years. As an ex-teacher and headmistress, I have loved your material and noted its worth. With thanks for all you endeavour to do.’  – D Clements, Bath

'I have never trusted a site before and was nervous about whether you would cancel in time and find it reassuring that you have. I have two grandchildren at school and look forward to subscribing when I can afford it as I do like your site very much. I shall recommend your site to my daughter's friends. I really do like the materials you provide, but even more valuable, I love the advice and guidance you give to parents. I also think you keep yourself up to date and relevant; which is another reason why I intend to re-subscribe in the near future.' – Christine, Loughborough

'I have now retired and so don't need this brilliant site but when my grandchildren are ready I will be back! Many thanks for all your hard work and salient advice.' – Annie, Berkshire

From parents whose subscription is coming to an end...

‘Just to say that I am suitably impressed by your website and your professionalism. I shall definitely recommend The School Run and will subscribe in the future. Many thanks and may your site go on thriving and enriching parents' and pupils' lives! ’ – Sandrine, Ipswich

‘Thank you so much for the fabulous resources you’ve provided over the years, and for the Learning Journey plans, which I have found invaluable.  I have recommended you widely to friends, and will continue to do so after my membership ends. Best of luck for the future!’ – Yana, Richmond.

‘Your materials have been invaluable to my son who is now in the top set of Year 7 at his new school.’ – Richard, Newark

'May I just take this time to thank you for all your useful advice – I have found the website very useful indeed and it has made my life so much easier getting to grips with the childrens’ homework.’ Amanda, Crawley

'I've no doubt I'll shortly be enjoying another frolic through the engaging and fun activities/exercises your highly creative team come up with!' – Sue

'Our work with our older daughter ensured she knew everything she needed to know before starting Secondary school, which has paid dividends. It is essential that children leave Primary school with the necessary understanding of maths, in particular, and TheSchoolRun is helping us make sure that happens.' – Survey respondent

‘I am sure my journey with TheSchoolRun is not over yet. Hope to sign on some time in future that'll be more suitable. Well done on the great job!’ – Elaine, Thornton Heath, Surrey

‘We have really enjoyed the resources and they have been very useful but we came to a point where we don't need it any more as we are moving to 11+.Thank you.’ –  Felicia, London

‘May I take this opportunity to thank you for such a very informative website. It has been a fantastic support to my twin daughters from Year 6 through to their transition to high school.’  – Mrs Purdy, Leeds

‘Thank you – I will definitely use you when it is more appropriate for my son when he starts school and recommend your excellent site and resources.’ –  Leah, Dorset

‘I will be back later in the year to sign up for the School Lifetime subscription. Thanks for the resources. It’s a brilliant website.’ – Clare, Cornwall

'I found it very useful in helping to make that huge jump from Juniour to Secondary education.' – Survey respondent

About our packs and workbooks...

'TheSchoolRun Learning Packs – I love these! There are over 40 learning packs on TheSchoolRun site and I downloaded a lot of them because they are worth the subscription price alone. The comprehension and handwriting books I honestly found a lot more worthwhile than others I’ve bought from Amazon. They are fun, visual, and actually appealing to kids.' – Read the full review at Dyspraxia Kids.

'Thanks so much for developing the resources for bright children sitting the KS2 SATs in May (Y6 SATs Enrichment Activities pack]. My eldest is in a special group working in greater depth towards her English KS2 SATs, hoping for a high level mark, so these will come in super-handy in supporting her learning - thank you!' – Kirsty Greer on Facebook

'I'm delighted to have found your website. We've tried and failed with multiple others but the kids simply adore it. My daughter has struggled with fractions but an hour with your Fractions made simple booklet and she's loving maths again.' – Dr Andi, London

'Just a couple of days working on her handwriting and I couldn’t believe the difference.' – Rebecca

'He worked through your Year 6 Learning Journey worksheets and the Transition to Year 7 packs and these are such a great way of doing a little bit at home each day.’ Helen, Surrey

‘I just wanted to say I love the English and maths booster packs. They are a great way to reinforce learning and keep them happily busy with the bright coloured worksheets!' – Sarjit, Warwick

'I am actually impressed [by the KS2 Spelling Puzzle pack] as initially the look on my daughter's face was "oh no! another worksheet"... but she thoroughly enjoyed it! There was a little input from me to guide her and I really liked that it reinforced grammar terms such as suffix/prefix in a fun way, keeping the child switched on rather then off. It also makes teaching your child a positive experience, which is essential for this age group.' – Danielle, Herts

'I found the science pack brilliant! It is filled with fantastic, practical ideas as to how to easily excite my son about science. He learnt lots of important scientific principles whilst having such fun! It has really given him a head start for Year 1.' – Shelly, Hertfordshire

'At Parents' Evening they highlighted multiplication and division as areas she needed to work on. We used the KS2 Secret Agent Maths puzzle pack to help her revise this topic. She loved the puzzles – I don't think she even realised she was doing maths!' Find out how our packs helped Lynne's daughter improve her results and grow in confident

'I had seen The Stolen Book of Spells workbook on the website and thought that this would be something that would interest my son. I started by reading the parents' explanation for reading comprehension and then talked to my son about the exercise. He loves reading, but what we haven't had much time for is talking about the books he reads. As the story is in small chunks it was easy for him to start and stop, he took it to his Grandparents during half term and finished it at home recently. The exercise really got him thinking about understanding the story and at the end he was very proud to have solved the puzzle.' – Andrea

'After we had worked through techniques [in the Ready for SATs learning pack] to help her answer the questions I was really impressed with how well she was doing. It seemed to really catapult her ability forward and the teachers actually remarked on how well she performed in the SATs! I know I don’t have to worry about her anymore because she is an able reader.' – Louise

'I felt so confused about SATs before and was starting to panic. Your guide [Your Guide to KS1 SATs Success] really helped me understand SATs and told me how I could help my seven year old son. Now I feel a lot more confident – and so does he.' – Hetal Singh

'I particularly liked the sample KS2 English testing booklet. The sources, comprehension and writing questions were an excellent exam preparation and revision resource for my students. The resource was engaging and relevant; thank you TheSchoolRun!' – Susan, (Parent and English Tutor)

'I`ve used the Year 1 pack to see if my son has remembered / understood what he should have been taught each term - it`s been really reassuring to see him be able to do these tests (and great to keep him busy on the plane too!).' – Survey respondent

‘I like the booklets on specific topics, tables, time, spelling etc. Also like the way it focuses on each year group by area so can really hone in on where`s my children need extra practice.’ – Survey respondent

'The KS2 Spelling Puzzle pack is well done and [my child] wants to finish it in few days.' – Sally, Southborough
'Both of the children liked the KS2 Spelling Puzzle pack. By the time they had both done the "Basic Training" they were fully engaged and wholly absorbed in the pack ... All in all good fun for them both.'
– Mr P, Tunbridge Wells

'The kids absolutely loved the KS2 Spelling Puzzle pack. My youngest was particularly keen on the word searches and the basic training really helped her. My eldest loved the code cracking and the crosswords.' Jo, Hertfordshire

About the Learning Journey...

'I have been on the Learning Journey and it is great to have easy access to worksheets for each year group. I will definitely be making use of all these resources.' – Lee, Ilford, Essex

'Loving the Learning Journey. Today my eldest son came home with doubling maths homework but only two numbers. This week's worksheet is doubling but also includes three numbers. Hopefully when it comes to doubling three numbers at school then he may have a headstart. He is naturally good at numbers but is struggling with English especially comprehension. Hopefully this week's worksheets will help him to grasp the concept. Many thanks TheSchoolRun – you might just be my lifesaver to the homework blues!" – A. Medley

'With the help of the Learning Journey, my son JS age 8 who is in yr3, is doing so well in both his maths and English at his last parents' meeting they said he is at a level of 3a and now doing some yr4 work in maths and English. He enjoys going to school and I think it has increased his confidence and is keeping him focused. The worksheets are fun and colourful with just the right amount of work on them.' – Caroline, Nottingham

– Survey respondent, November 2016

'I really find helpful those sheets that TheSchoolRun send every Wednesday, its does make my life easier to print and give as a homework and get involved in what she doing at school and give any hand where a find out what subject she needs improve.' – Survey respondent

'Learning Journeys are an excellent way to engage the children and provide them with appropriate content to extend their learning outside the classroom.' – Survey respondent

'The Learning Journey is really useful as it provides activities by year group and is flexible you can choose to help your child work through it, or just select areas that you feel would be of most benefit to them.' – Survey respondent

– Survey respondent, November 2016

‘I find the Learning Journey and progress checks particularly useful as I can home in on a particular Year and level - it saves me a great deal of time as I can simply download the relevant worksheet.’ – Survey respondent

‘I find the Learning Journey excellent with its topics and year groups and worksheets.’ – Survey respondent

– Survey respondent, November 2016

‘I really find helpful those sheets that TheSchoolRun send every Wednesday [as part of the Learning Journey]; it does make my life easier to print and give as a homework and get involved in what she doing at school and give any hand where a find out what subject she needs improve.’ – Survey respondent

'I appreciate the timely reminders of what is available, prompting me to explore further, invariably download the weekly Learning Journey worksheets which my son is usually happy to complete, and appreciate the wide range of resources to which I have access whenever I have a specific need.'  – Survey respondent

'Working through the weekly worksheets reassures me about how much she knows so that I do not expect more than is realistic or add unneccessary pressure.' – Survey respondent

About our books...

'What I found best [about Teach your child time] is the description of what we should expect a child to learn in every year from Reception to Year 6. My son had some time struggling with the topic of Time previously, mainly because I had no idea that telling time to 5 minutes is not year 1 topic. I was worried when he was not able to grasp the concept. However this eBook perfectly describes and with the help of activities and worksheets, everyone will have a fair idea of the topic of Time. The worksheets are detailed and cover the topic very well. After going through the activities in this eBook, my son has become very confident.' –– Musfirah, Kent

'Every Christmas I resurrect the excellent Big Book of Christmas Activities which I bought from you a while back.’  – Sue

‘I’m just looking through Grammar Made Easy now and it looks fantastic, just what I need for my son.’ –  Caroline, St Helier, Jersey, C.I

'Teach Your Child Multiplication is another really useful publication that I will refer to many times.’ – Claire, Crouch End, London

'I like the format of Teach your child multiplication.The pages are not over complicated. The progression through is well structured with lots of opportunity for over learning without being too repetitive, and it is interspersed with games. It is easy to back track to find the child's starting point or can be used from the beginning to boost confidence as they see themself moving through the pages quickly. Ideas from earlier steps can be used to give practice at later ones if confusions arise.' – Zoe, Shropshire

'I found Maths Homework Helper a fantastic resource to use with my daughter. It was clear and concise. The examples and vocabulary sections helped my daughter feel more confident to work independently, and I found the sectioning of the articles a great help in keeping her focused on the task in hand.' – Caren Williamson

“We love [I know my times tables]! It's very catchy – different ways of trying to explain how to understand, and how to get to the answers. For a child like Kirsty who is working behind and struggling, it's a really fun way to get to grips with times tables; much more exciting than learning by rote.' – Linda

'[The Parents' Guide to Year 2 Maths] is a great book for parents. The maths curriculum explained in a clear and concise way. A book full of good ideas and excellent resources, which can be adapted for all ages and abilities.' – Naomi Simon, Deputy Head and KS2 expert

'Spelling Made Magic is a wonderful, effective and above all, fun way of helping children learn to spell. Clare Winstanley has produced a super array of novel and engaging ideas to tackle a huge variety of common spelling problems, including Spelling Sandwiches, acrostics and mnemonics. My seven-year-old daughter loved meeting “Ed” and “Ian”, and was terribly proud of herself for learning how to spell Mediterranean using Clare's foolproof method – we had to put in a call to Grandma to spell it over the phone to her as well! The key to the success of Spelling Made Magic for us was that it turns spelling into a fun challenge, rather than a dull, weekly chore. Phoebe was having so much fun playing the games and doing the activities, that it didn't even dawn on her that she was ‘doing spellings’, and I certainly won't be reminding her!' – Sara, Bedfordshire

'SATs can be stressful for all involved, but don't need to be. This excellent guide [SATs: Practice makes perfect] answered all of my questions, and understanding more made it less stressful for all of us, which is so important.' Sarah, Norfolk

'As a Head of Learning Support, I am always on the lookout for ways to help children improve spelling and 'tame' demon words. Linking [the method taught in Thinkalink!] has not only enabled many of my pupils to do just that, but by creating their own links it helps put them in control of their learning and contribute to the learning of others. They derive great pleasure from finding a link and trying it out on a friend. The addition of drawing or illustrating their links also contributes to the multisensory nature of the learning experience linking offers.' – Bronnie Kenchington, SENCO, Queen Elizabeth Hospital School, Bristol. B.Ed & Masters in Special Needs

'[The Parents' Guide to Year 6 Maths] has been such a revelation and a revolution to me! Now I know exactly what I can do to help my daughter. It's also made me realise where I'd been going wrong! And the games are simply brilliant. I have to confess that my first thought was 'oh yeah, she'll never fall for that'. But she really loves playing the games. And I feel a lot better about my mothering skills!!' – Rebecca Ash

'From a parent's point of view, I think I Know My Times Tables was really good. The bits that appealed to me most were the tips and ideas. As a ‘numbers' person myself, I have always used different methods and ‘patterns' to get to answers and I was really pleased to see that the tips and ideas picked up on this type of thing as I think children remember things in different ways, and this helps to look at the times tables in new ways rather than just a list of numbers they have to learn. I also like the game suggestions and the proformas at the back that can be used over again. I think that the approach is fun which is much more appealing to children.

'My son who is just 9 (Year 4) also really liked the ideas and tips section of the sheets and it was great to see him get excited about the 'patterns' that the numbers made and seeing the ideas settle in his head. He also really liked the games, in particular the multiplication speed sort, the times table board and the times table racetrack – probably because he is a bit competitive! It has great ideas, and it keeps things interesting for him while he is learning – can't be bad!

'A good job well done, making numbers an interesting thing to learn. This book certainly does a good job in making learning fun – well done.' – Julia

'My daughter has always struggled with her times tables, and her school won't use rhymes for learning. She has trouble in particular with her 7 and 8 times tables – don't ask me why!I got her to recite the 8 times table, and she got stuck in exactly the same place she always has. Then she learnt the 8 times table rhyme and started singing it whilst dancing around the house, and within a short time she was remembering it perfectly.

'[I know my times tables] showed her that it was alright to learn in a different way than she was taught at school (mums, of course, don't know these things!). She's said that she can't wait to look at the rest of the book as it was fun – and this from a child who struggles at maths! So all in all, a success I'd say.' –  Jacqui Leech

'My son and I loved picking out activities [from The Nursery and Reception Activity Book], especially the dinosaur hunt which was a big hit! The instructions were really clear and the illustrations were fun to look at and set the tone for each topic. I'm sure we'll use these activities over and again and they'll be a lifesaver during school holidays!' – Louisa Burton

'I have puchased many of the e books, which I find invaluable.' - Survey respondent

‘I like the books like the times table and spelling made magic as I can go through them as many times as I like.’ – Survey respondent

'What a brilliant book [Big Book of Christmas Activities]! We loved the balance between “doing” and learning activities and especially liked learning about Christmas in other countries. The children particularly enjoyed the accessibly-written bible stories and the cooking – there is plenty in here to keep any family amused on a wet December day.' – Catherine Cooper

About our customer services...

'It's good to deal with a company that seems to want to do everything to get customers what they want.’ – Vincent, Kent

‘I am so impressed with TheSchoolRun.com and really think it will help my boys with their school work. And knowing that I am supported and can email you to ask for help or to be pointed in the right direction is amazing.’ – Mrs Higgins, Oxfordshire

'It is great to know that there is someone I can contact if I have any questions. The expert guidance you offer with TheSchoolRun is what we parents need to navigate the minefield of state primary education successfully if we want our children to do well.' – Ruth, Worcestershire

'This is a fantastic resource for homework and to understand the national curriculum. The team have been amazing in responding to my e mail questions.' – Survey respondent

'I’d rate it one of the five best customer services experience I’ve ever had – and I’m a tough New Yorker!' Find out how we managed to impress this tough New Yorker...

'[The Personal Account Manager] is an unexpected and wonderful additional service, many thanks​.' – Trish, Lincolnshire

'I find the customer service at TheSchoolRun really prompt and customer friendly.' – Marie (fraught, Scottish, home school grandma), Kuala Lumpur

‘Thank you, Michelle [Michelle is one of our PAMs], for all the helpful recommendations on the next steps forward with regards to our children's learning.  The way you've pointed out the areas that we can start focusing on has simplified everything. This way we can take it a step at a time. I'll keep you posted on our progress and how the children are responding to the new approaches to learning.’ – Mercy, Hampshire

‘Thank you so much for your quick response and for the full refund. I have received nothing but excellent customer service from you guys and I would not hesitate to use your services again in the future’ – Josh, Bristol

‘Thank you so much for your kind intervention. I really appreciate your assistance with this issue and your best wishes. You have been very kind and I am feeling very relieved! Thank you so much again.' – Brenda, Beckenham, Kent

‘You always put my mind at ease! Yet again thank you for the wonderful work TheSchoolRun team do!' – Ferzana

'Thank you for the great website you’re running and your great customer service. Once we’re back in England again I will definitely sign up for a longer membership.' –  Heidi, Calgary, Canada

‘Your service & the website is fantastic!’ – Pratheeba, Newbury

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