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Handwriting Power-up Programme

Handwriting Power-up Programme
Publication type: eBook

Most handwriting resources are designed for beginner writers aged between 4 and 8 and older kids often find them too “babyish”.

TheSchoolRun's Handwriting Power-up Programme is a practical guide to improving handwriting aimed at older children (and adults). Occupational therapist, handwriting tutor and mum Michelle van Rooyen has prepared a complete toolkit to help parents support their child's handwriting development at home.

Packed with advice and practical exercises, the Handwriting Power-up Programme covers letter shapes and spaces, letter sizes and joins, letter slopes and speed, posture, style and stamina.

Handwriting is a skill for life: primary-age children write more, write faster and express more ideas when they produce written work by hand and fluent handwriting also helps children become more fluent readers.

Follow the Handwriting Power-up Programme to start improving your child's handwriting today, with expert guidance and support.


Published reviews:

'My Year 5 son has had issues with handwriting, in particular cursive. His hand would ache when writing for extended periods and his writing would get progressively difficult to read. He has found the Handwriting Power-Up Programme very useful, and both he and I have appreciated the mature way the workbook has been produced. We will keep using the programme to continue to improve his handwriting.' - Hannah

'The Handwriting Power-Up Programme is going to prove a valuable resource. It's so well-structured and what a brilliant bank of vocabulary!' – Diana, Cambridge