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TheSchoolRun Shop Maths

Support your child's numeracy learning at home with TheSchoolRun's maths eBooks, written for primary school parents by primary school teachers. Purchase and download TheSchoolRun's eBooks to read the information on your device or computer and print the targeted worksheets for your child to complete on paper.

Teach your child... maths

Tackle tricky literacy subjects with TheSchoolRun's Teach your child... eBooks series. From addition in KS1 to decimals in upper KS2, all the core primary school terminology and skills are introduced, with plenty of colourful practice activities to help you work through each concept with your child.

Year group by year group maths practice

If you're looking for year-group-specific to reinforce learning at home, try one of TheSchoolRun's maths booster packs of 25 printable activity sheets.

Primary school maths for parents

Invest in one of TheSchoolRun's maths reference eBooks (Maths Homework Helper, I Know My Times Tables, The Parents' Guide to Y2 Maths, The Parents' Guide to Y6 Maths) to find out more about how numeracy topics are covered in the national curriculum and how you can support your child with homework projects and SATs revision at home.