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The primary curriculum is the basis for what your child learns every day, and it’s probably changed a lot since you were at school! You’ll find lots of useful resources in this section of the site to help you understand what your child is being taught, how and when they’ll be assessed and what the different levels mean, how to interact with the school and what support the school will expect you to be providing at home.

You'll also find information on the curriculum for England, Wales (including the new National Reading and Numeracy tests), Northern Ireland and Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence.


National curriculum in 2014
The 2014 national curriculum: what primary school parents need to know
In September 2014 the primary school curriculum was given a radical shake-up. So why the big change, and how will it affect your child? TheSchoolRun explains everything parents need to know.
Primary school students
11 things parents need to know about the National Curriculum
It’s the basis for what your child learns every day, but what exactly is the National Curriculum and what does it teach? Education writer and primary teacher Phoebe Doyle offers some clarity.
Child completing exam
What are national curriculum levels?
In the past, primary school children taking SATs were given their results as a National Curriculum level. But what did these numbers actually mean? Lucy Dimbylow explains the grading system used in primary schools until September 2014 in parent-friendly language.
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What your child learns in every year of primary school

We have information on what your child learns in English, maths and science in each year of primary school, from Reception to Year 6. To find out more, have a look through these:

Essential Guide to the First Years of School
The Parents' Guide to Primary School

Get your child's school days off to a flying start – no worries, no stress, no panic! Created especially for parents of new school starters, our brilliant eBook answers every question you might have about your child's primary education.

This eBook will help you:

  •     Understand what schools do and what their priorities are
  •     Understand what school life is like for your child – from the start of their Reception year, right up until they take their Key Stage 2 SATs in Year 6
  •     Learn more about the different people and initiatives that shape your child’s learning experience
  •     Understand more about how you can help your child to get the most out of their time at school

Inside The Parents' Guide to Primary School you'll find over 220 pages jam-packed with the latest information and guidance on every stage of your child’s learning journey, plus handy hints, tips and at-home learning activities to help them reach their full potential.