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The Parents' Guide to Primary School

Parents' Guide Second Edition
Publication type: eBook

Get your child's school days off to a flying start - no worries, no stress, no panic! Created especially for parents of new school starters, our brilliant eBook answers every question you might have about your child's primary education.


This eBook will help you:

  • Understand what schools do and what their priorities are
  • Understand what school life is like for your child - from the start of their Reception year, right up until they take their Key Stage 2 SATs in Year 6
  • Learn more about the different people and initiatives that shape your child’s learning experience
  • Understand more about how you can help your child to get the most out of their time at school
Chapter breakdown:

All the answers right at your fingertips
Inside The Parents' Guide to Primary School, you'll find 170  pages jam-packed with the latest information and guidance on every stage of your child’s learning journey, plus handy hints, tips and at-home learning activities to help them reach their full potential.

All the key questions and topics have been covered for you, including:

  • How do schools differ regionally?
  • What are Key Stages?
  • What basic skills does my child need for school?
  • What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?
  • What should my child be learning in their first year?
  • The importance of the home/school agreement
  • All about homework
  • Circletime
  • Becoming a school governor
  • What happens when a trainee teacher works in the classroom?
  • School trips
  • When will my child be tested, and how?
  • What are SATs, and what happens during them?
  • What happens at parents' evening?
  • What do I do if my child is ill?
  • Taking your child out of school in term-time
  • What subjects will my child be taught, and how?
  • What can I do to help my child at home with their learning?
  • A parent’s guide to special educational needs (SEN) terms
  • Special Educational Needs policy
  • How are special educational needs assessed?
  • Explanations of different special educational needs: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia
  • 'My child hasn’t settled'
  • 'I think my child is being bullied'
  • 'My child can’t concentrate'
  • Common medical conditions: head lice, asthma, epilepsy, allergies and infectious diseases
  • Useful organisations and websites


Published reviews:

“My youngest child, Imogen, is starting school in September. As she is the youngest of three you'd think I'd know what to expect, and I do up to a point. The problem is that you tend to retain only the information that is relevant to you at the time, discarding the rest. I found the book really helpful, liking in particular how accessible the language is. It’s not filled with acronyms and jargon - this reads like a book written by parents, for parents. There’s lots of really useful information, including ideas for how you can support your child at home. There are also timely reminders of what not to do or say and, in an increasingly competitive educational arena, this is priceless advice.” 
- Paula Battle, mum of three

“I felt that the book genuinely understood what a huge step starting school is for both the parent and the child, and offers a really helpful and comprehensive guide.

It is packed full of really essential and practical advice - such as teaching your child to fasten their own shoes up or labelling everything. I'm sure your child's teacher will appreciate this too when they are trying to organise playtimes etc!

So much of the terminology when your child starts school can be quite baffling because it is all such new territory but the book really does explain everything, making it all seem so much less daunting. This book would definitely help you to be prepared for your child starting school but will also make for an invaluable guide to refer back to time and again in those early months and years.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has a child about to start school - whether it is their first or even if they have older children who are already at school. My four year old daughter Honey starts school in September and even though I have been through this before with her older siblings, I still found it really helpful. I think the book is so comprehensive that there really is something for everyone.” 
- Sarah Maginnis, mum of four


“This is an excellent introduction to starting school and helps you prepare yourself and your child. The curriculum and terminology is clearly explained and the books contains lots of tips on things you can do with your child to support them at school. Each subject is described in detail as is the broad expectation of what your child should be able to achieve during their Reception year. There is a useful section for parents of children with special needs and a great list of helpful organisations in the index. As a parent whose first child is starting school in September, I feel more empowered to manage the transition.”
- Siobhan Lee, mum of one