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Sports day

We all know how important it is to keep our kids active and they will have PE lessons every week throughout primary school, focusing on developing different skills, such as basic motor skills, ball skills, gymnastics and dance movements. They will also learn a number of team sports, learning about co-operation and fair play, and be introduced to sports which don't require team mates!

Find out all about what your child will learn in Foundation Stage PE, Key Stage 1 PE and Key Stage 2 PE as well as getting ideas for ways to keep your child active outside of school.


How to choose the best sports club for kids
How to choose the right sports club for your child
Only one three-letter word matters when looking for a great sports club for your child. No, not ‘win’, but ‘fun’. Andrew Shields explains.
Girl in primary school wearing swimming goggles
Help! My child doesn’t want to go on school swimming lessons
Students in primary school are required to learn to swim, which is a difficult part of the curriculum for water-shy children to float through. Be prepared by finding out what the learning targets are, what responsibilities your school has, and how to help your child feel confident about taking the plunge.
Gifted and talented in sport
Is your child a sports star?
Identifying your child as a high achiever in PE and sport will help to make the most of their ability – but Andrew Shields cautions against believing that stardom beckons.


Design a healthy living poster
Design a healthy living poster
An activity to help your child identify ways to lead a healthy life.
Guess the sport speaking and listening game worksheet
Guess the sport speaking and listening game
A game involving thinking of a sport and then answering yes / no questions on it; encourages children to develop questioning skills and listen attentively.
Listening to a sports commentary worksheet
Listening to a sports commentary
This worksheet encourages your child to listen to a sports commentary and then become a commentator themselves.
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Get your kids active

Find out more about how to get your kids exercising in school and out of school, and how exercise can help keep children healthy: