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Girls blowing bubbles in garden
24 fun toys for summer outdoor learning
It's well established that outdoor play is important for young learners and provides opportunities to develop physical, social, fine and gross motor skills. Our editor, Kate Morgan, has put together her top picks of outdoor toys. So get the kids outside, having fun and learning this summer. Let the games begin!
Child picking crayons Tina Floersch unsplash
Is your child left-handed (and does it matter)?
With 90% of the world made up of right-handers, how does being left-handed affect learning at school? Hetty Walton, mum to left-handed daughter Isobel, 11, investigates.
Best live streams for primary home learning
20 of the best live streams for kids
Help your primary-age child stay educated and entertained with our round-up of the best live streams for kids.
Best cricket books for children
Best cricket books for children
The Cricket World Cup is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. If your child has been inspired, harness their enthusiasm with our pick of the best books for kids who love cricket, chosen by primary school teacher and children's literature enthusiast Scott Evans. These cricket-focused reads will knock them for six!
Best tennis books for children
Best children's books about tennis
Is your child a tennis ace? We've rounded up the best books for Wimbledon fortnight and beyond, so they can read their way into the world of volleys, rallies and Grand Slams.
Best rugby books for children and teenagers
Best kids' books about rugby
Children’s publishers have never tackled rugby as well as they have football, but there is some great fiction and non-fiction out there for kids in books and in magazines. Best-selling rugby author Tom Palmer picks a XV rugby union can be proud of.
Child cycling
Bikeability explained
Bike riding is an important skill for children to master. We explain how schools play their part in teaching them safe cycling.
Child and parent in swimming pool
11 ways to teach your child water confidence
Swimming is part of the National Curriculum, but 45 per cent of children leave primary school unable to swim the required 25 metres. Here's how you can help outside school.
PE provision for children with disabilities
Active and inclusive: PE provision for children with disabilities
Andrew Shields examines PE provision for children with disabilities and highlights the opportunities that now exist to play sport both in school and outside the classroom.
Best football books for children
Best kids' books about football
Would your child rather be kicking a ball than picking up a book? Get them excited about reading with fiction and non-fiction titles about the beautiful game, from World Cup histories and step-by-step technique manuals to brilliant football fiction for all ages.
Gifted and talented in sport
Is your child a sports star?
Identifying your child as a high achiever in PE and sport will help to make the most of their ability – but Andrew Shields cautions against believing that stardom beckons.
Archery, fencing and life saving for kids
Team mates not required
Many children are turned off by team sports. However, there are plenty of fun alternatives for kids who reject rugby or couldn’t care less about cricket, says Andrew Shields.
How to choose the best sports club for kids
How to choose the right sports club for your child
Only one three-letter word matters when looking for a great sports club for your child. No, not ‘win’, but ‘fun’. Andrew Shields explains.
Sports Day line-up
Sports Day cringe stories
It’s supposed to be one of the highlights of the school calendar, but in reality sports day is ripe with opportunities for humiliation. From finishing line tantrums to trackside arguments, six mums share their shame with TheSchoolRun.
Girls in dance class
Key Stage 1 PE
What will your child learn in Key Stage 1 PE lessons? We take a look at physical education and how you can help your child get ahead at home.
Children at start of race
Key Stage 2 PE – what your child learns
We take a look at the learning which takes place at PE in school and how you can help your child to get ahead at home.
Boy on a bike
Key Stage 3 PE – the lowdown
We take a look at the learning which takes place in KS3 PE and how you can help your child get ahead at home.
Mum walking with children in woods
Foundation Stage PE explained
Want to know what your child will learn in PE when they start school? Here’s all you need to know, plus tips for supporting their learning at home.
Child underwater Unsplash
Teaching your child to swim
Learning to swim is fun – and great exercise for your child. Kath Stathers looks at the ways you can support their learning of this essential life skill.
Brothers in the park with their dog
Teach your child to play outdoors
Past generations of children spent many happy hours enjoying the benefits of playing outdoors. But in recent years, concerns about safety have increased. So how do we encourage safer play outdoors?
Teach your child to cycle safely
Teach your child to cycle safely
Learning to ride a bike (and falling off it) is a normal part of growing up, but some parents are delaying teaching their children to cycle because of safety fears. TheSchoolRun finds out how to teach kids to ride confidently and safely, with tips and advice to get you started.
Bike bell
Safe cycling tips for kids
When your child is ready to cycle unsupervised, it’s important to make sure they know how to be safe on the roads. Here are the steps you need to take.
Family walking outdoors
Walking and orienteering for kids
Walking is something most of us take for granted. But did you know that regularly taking the kids on a walk has some great health and educational benefits? We take a look at what walking could offer your child.
Walking on the school run with mother and sister
Walking the school run
Encouraging your child to take to their feet and walk to school has many health, social, and environmental benefits – for the whole family. Put your best foot forward and start the school day with a stroll today!
Tackling obesity through sport
Tackling childhood obesity through PE
Gaining a good, well-rounded physical education can benefit your child's health and weight for years to come. We take a look at how physical education can help the fight against childhood obesity.
Boy playing cricket
How to keep your family fit and active
After long days at work and school, exercise is often the last thing on our minds, yet it's crucial for our health. So what can we do to keep active as a family and pack everyday life with easy, enjoyable exercise opportunities?