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Childcare for school-age children

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For many parents the need to find reliable childcare doesn’t stop once their child is in full-time education. If you are struggling to find the right support after school, this section of the site will provide information on how to find good childcare and give you lots of ideas for activities to keep your child busy in the holidays.


After-school childcare: childminders
The parents’ guide to after-school childcare: childminders
With a home-from-home environment and smaller numbers than an after-school club, childminders are a popular choice for after-school childcare. Here’s what you need to know.
Homework with grandparent
The parents’ guide to after-school childcare: relatives
Getting a grandparent or other family member to provide after-school childcare can be a dream come true – or a bit of a nightmare. Lucy Dimbylow looks at the pros, cons and practicalities.
After-school childcare: playing a game at a club
The parents’ guide to after-school childcare: out-of-school clubs
Convenient and cost-effective, out-of-school clubs can be a good solution to the before- and after-school childcare dilemma. So what do you need to know before you sign up?
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Great ideas for keeping your kids busy in the holidays

Trying to keep your children busy during the holidays can be a real challenge! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Summer learning pack

Summer Learning pack

In your Summer Learning pack you'll find educational activities for all ages (and not a textbook in sight!). Choose from:

  • Rainy day delights
  • Ways to get creative with day-to-day chores
  • Garden investigations
  • Tips to take the tedium out of travelling
  • Toy-free travel games
  • Free (or affordable) discovery days out
  • DIY local adventures

Turn off the TV, hide the games console, cancel the theme park visit and get started!