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Children's health

Little girl dressed as a chef

A healthy child is going to be able to perform better at school. But keeping them healthy (and coping when they’re sick) can be a real challenge.

In this section of the site you’ll find lots of advice on how to keep children healthy and what to do when they are under the weather as well as tips for improving diet, the importance of sleep and relaxation, looking after your child’s mental health, children's eyesight, personal hygienethreadworms and headlice.


Glue ear explained
Glue ear: all your questions answered
Children afflicted by glue ear can have a miserable time at school, but the nature of the condition means many parents and teachers may not even guess that a child is suffering. Moira Holden looks at the causes of glue ear and how it can be treated.
Sick child
Childhood meningitis – your need to know guide
We give you the lowdown on the disease and how you can recognise the signs to help protect your child’s health.
Girl struggling with vision
How to recognise eyesight problems in your child
Are you worried about your child's eyesight? We take a look at some common problems which may affect them and how you can spot the signs.


Understanding my body worksheet
Understanding my body
A worksheet to help children think about the names of the parts of the body and write the words on a picture.
Planning healthy meals worksheet
Planning healthy meals
Encourage your child to plan three healthy meals and then to do the opposite and plan three unhealthy meals.
Design a healthy living poster
Design a healthy living poster
An activity to help your child identify ways to lead a healthy life.