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Keeping your child safe on holiday

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Take your kids abroad with confidence by following our tips on keeping your child safe on a foreign holiday.
  • Toddlers aged three and over should be taught by parents about the dangers of talking to strangers. They should never go anywhere with anyone they do not know without asking mummy or daddy first. If appropriate use a harness to keep your toddler close to you in busy places, such as shopping malls and airports.
  • Explain to your child what they should do if they get lost in a crowd, for example, go to another parent they see with children. And if you're travelling with more than one child, teach them to stick together at all times. 
  • From as early as possible teach your child their personal information, such as their full name, address and phone number. They also need to know what number to ring in an emergency. Ensure they know the name of the holiday resort they’re staying at, too.
  • On arrival at your holiday resort, check that the windows and doors of your apartment are secured and child-friendly. If there is any concern or you notice something unusual, such as a broken window latch, notify your reception desk as soon as possible. These checks should persist on a daily basis.
  • Older children may want to explore the hotel or search for a nearby shop, but under no circumstances should you allow your child to wander off alone.  Not only is it easy for them to become lost but they’ll be very vulnerable. Therefore always accompany them. If they want to use the pool, stay with them. Non-swimmers should always wear floatation devices, stay within one pace of them in the water. And, adults should always accompany children to public toilets.
  • Having your child wear a brightly coloured wrist band or carrying some form of identification with their name, contact number of where you are staying or a mobile number is a very good idea. 'IdentiKids' wrist band can be purchased from £3 and are available from Boots, Mothercare, Asda and WH Smith. Try to pick brightly coloured clothing and swimwear for your child to allow you to spot them from a distance and keep them within your sight.
  • Parents and children alike should report any suspicious looking people lurking around children's facilities immediately - especially if they are not accompanied by any children.  
Give your child a headstart

Give your child a headstart

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